Report shows widespread Colorado license plate profiling in neighboring states


Recently, we’ve written about Nebraska state patrol complaining that Colorado’s legalization of limited amount of marijuana and the impact it has had on troopers who say that they are overwhelmed with Colorado pot. As much as they’ve complained, we contend that they’re bringing it on themselves by profiling Colorado drivers and pulling nearly every one over.
And, now there’s proof. A Denver news outlet obtained records from Nebraska, Kansas and Wyoming and found that if you’ve got Colorado plates in any of those states — you’re most likely getting pulled over.

The station collected traffic-related figures in Wyoming, Kansas and Nebraska, with some of it dating back to 2008 — around the time the marijuana boom in Colorado began in earnest. And the results are eye-opening.
For instance, there were 294 marijuana related incidents on Interstate 25 in Wyoming between 2008 and February 2014. Here are the top three states represented by the digits:
Wyoming Drivers= 130 marijuana related incidents
Colorado Drivers= 92 marijuana related incidents
Montana Drivers = 25 marijuana related incidents
Presumably, the volume of Wyoming cars driving in the state dwarfs the number with Colorado plates. Hence, the relative closeness of the totals seems more than coincidental.

Courtesy 7News

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