Houston police staging massive DUI and DUI-D stops this week


“HPD comin’ after me.”

For the next ten days, the Houston Police Department Traffic Enforcement Division will be on the lookout for impaired drivers. They gave it the catchy slogan “Don’t Get ‘Popped’ During 4th of July Festivities,” because nothing reminds you that Johnny Law is watching you like a snappy refrain about drunken/high driving. Starting today and running through July 7, the initiative will stake out “various areas throughout the city.” Yeah, we wish we had more specifics. Not so we can go drunk joy riding, but so, you know…to inform.
FYI, Harris County, Texas allows for a no-refusal policy in DWI-related traffic stops, it means if you’re buzzed, you’re got. If you’re not familiar with that policy, it basically means that even if you refuse a breath test, cops can still draw your blood. Houston Press has the full story.