Kuwait man caught growing on retired major general/father’s roof, could face death penalty


When your father is a former Major General with the Kuwait army, you might think that growing a few dozen pot plants on your roof would go unnoticed.
You would be wrong, however. According to the Arab Times, a Kuwaiti man was arrested for marijuana cultivation after neighbors narc’d on the rooftop garden that had been fenced in with tall corrugated plastic sheeting.

Officials say the man’s father, the Major General, had no idea what was going on above his head. The man arrested told investigators that he had set up the grow himself and that the plants were grown from seeds purchased in the Netherlands.
And why is any of this important, you ask? Because according to several world humanitarian organizations, the guy could be facing life in prison or even death for growing a few pounds of pot. And it happens. In 2010 a Kuwaiti court sentenced a man to death by hanging for the same “crime”.