Alabama Republican chairman resigns after being busted growing ganja


Toke of the Town.

An Alabama political leader did what any good old boy from the anti-pot Bible belt would have done if caught with a marijuana grow operation on their property – he up and quit, y’all.
A report released earlier this week by The Gadsden Times verified that 52-year-old John Lloyd Ellis resigned from his position as the Cherokee County Republican party chairman after getting busted last Friday growing dope in his backyard. The big dog, State party chairman Bill Armistead says Ellis has since severed all ties with the Alabama GOP, and that the party wishes to refrain from issuing any further comments about the incident. “We will allow legal and judicial system to follow its course,” said Armistead.

Perhaps if the former chairman had taken the initiative to learn how to grow marijuana exclusively indoors, neither his job nor his weed would have gone up in smoke. Unfortunately, this was not the case, as an aerial narco-sweep under the direction of the Alabama Bureau of Investigation set out last week to locate and destroy all the marijuana plants officers could sniff out across the state of Alabama – one of which ended up belonging to Ellis.
Cherokee County Sherriff Jeff Shaver says his team of brainwashed soldiers has been wasting the taxpayer’s money busting marijuana offenders for so many years, he has lost count. “We’ve always participated, as long as I can remember,” he said, adding that officers managed to destroy about 600 plants throughout the course of the state’s marijuana remover maneuver.
Reports indicate that while only 13 plants confiscated during Operation: Waste of Time and Valuable Resources actually belonged to Ellis, he was one of two unlucky bastards to come under the hammer of police – charged with first-degree unlawful possession of marijuana and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.
On Tuesday, a reporter for The Anniston Star reached out to Ellis over the phone to discuss his controversial bust, but was greeted with vague enthusiasm.
“I’ve stepped down,” he said, regarding his position with the Republican Party. “I have no other comment.”
There is speculation that Ellis’ arrest on Friday may have created some unwanted tension with another employer, the Jacksonville State University, where his resume stated, at least until it was removed this week from the university’s website, that Ellis worked as an adjunct instructor in the university’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration from 2000-Present. However, in a recent statement, the university denies any present day affiliation. “He is not currently employed by JSU,” wrote a spokesperson.
Ellis, who is expected to appear in court soon to answer to the charges, is facing 10-years in prison if he is convicted.
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