Horrible British parents rat out their pot-using son to police


Klaus with a K/Commons.

They said it was a hard decision, but somehow we don’t believe the parents of 18-year-old Joshua Billen. According to them, they struggled with whether or not to turn their small-time pot-using and -dealing son in to police.
Because we would like to think if anyone would have weighed out the pros and cons themselves, they would have realized that branding their own flesh and blood a criminal for the rest of their life over a bag of weed is a cruel, needless thing to do.

After finding a few foil wraps in a bag in their garden shed, Billen’s parents didn’t talk to their son. No. That would have been too hard. Too much responsibility for them, you know, as the guy’s parents and all.
So instead, they called police in South Wales who came out and promptly arrested and questioned the 18-year-old, who was be tried as an adult and could have faced jail time.
Billen apparently admitted to cops that the weed was his and that he had been selling a few bags on the side to fund his own pot budget. Of course, the report makes him sound like a drug kingpin and a hopeless drug addict, but anyone who ever bought an ounce to sell to friends and get a free bag of weed can tell you that’s not the case at all. Just a stoner being thrifty.
Sadly, even the guy’s lawyer doesn’t seem to be on his side.
“It was clearly a very difficult decision for his parents but one as responsible parents they took,” attorney Steve Harrett said in court.
They aren’t responsible at all. In fact, they clearly pushed the “responsibility” of dealing with their family issues to the local cops. The responsible thing would have been for the parents to talk to their child themselves and not needlessly involve the law.
Thankfully, Billen only got community service, admission into a forced drug awareness program and about $250 in fees.
If he’s smart, he’ll pay for a new apartment for himself when he’s done paying off those fines.