Montana anti-pot proposal fails to get enough signatures for fall ballot


Back in June we told you about Montana used car salesman Steve Zabawa’s quest to rid his state of all forms of cannabis – recreational, medical, legal or illegal. He was so against cannabis that he started gathering signatures for a ballot initiative, I-74, that would ban the use and possession of all federally-controlled, schedule 1 substances including pot. Basically, it would force the state to submit to federal laws.
If pushed through and approved, it would have wiped out state-legal access to the roughly 8,500 Montana medical marijuana patients. But thankfully, Zabawa isn’t very good at selling his initiative. He should probably stick to used cars.

Back in June, Zabawa said he wouldn’t have any trouble collecting the 24,174 signatures needed to get the measure on the ballot. He’d get 100,000, he boasted.
He didn’t get near those numbers, though he wouldn’t say how few.
“I needed more advertising, more time,” Zabawa said Tuesday. “The last few days before the election, we had a couple of hundred people hitting the website, but I just ran out of time.”
Yeah, we’re sure those “couple hundred” people really would have put a dent in his 100,000 claim.
Unfortunately, this isn’t the end of Zabawa’s quest to rid Montana of weed and tell other people how they should and shouldn’t handle their medical conditions. He says he is talking with legislators to carry the measure and get it on the 2016 ballot.