Pot cookies are okay in Washington state, just not pot candy


For adults only.

In a move so that defies common sense so much that it is baffling, recreational and medical pot stores in Washington can sell cannabis brownies and cookies but can’t sell candy or lollipops because the latter might be appealing to kids.
Adults apparently don’t ever eat candy in Washington, ever. Movie theaters must be stocked with kale chips.

The new edibles rules were released by the state Liquor Control Board earlier this week. All edibles products have to be approved by the board and all applications have to send in photos of their products and packaging for approval. In other words, someone is getting paid by taxpayer dollars to look at photos of food.
All edibles have to clearly indicate that they contain marijuana on the label and have to be tested for potency. Manufacturing facilities will also undergo inspections.
So far, only one pot edible maker has been approved by Washington officials though there is a backlog of more than 250 businesses undergoing approval currently.