South Carolina man busted with 41 baggies of pot in his undies


When attempting to smuggle marijuana across town in your damned underwear, it is probably in your best interest to avoid packing a semi-automatic heater as well as making the choice to not wear weed-related apparel.
This is apparently a common sense lesson in cannabis that one South Carolina man just had to learn the hard way. According to the Rock Hill Police Department, 26-year-old Kim Leonard Grafton Jr. was busted earlier this week after officers discovered over forty baggies of marijuana stuffed in his underpants after a traffic stop.

The whole rotten incident is one that could have been easily avoided, even after a bored and questionably racist traffic cop decided to use an excuse as cheap as an “improper wide turn” as a reason to pull over the 1994 Toyota Camry where Grafton was riding shotgun.
Although officers reported smelling the strong odor of marijuana when they approached the vehicle, it wasn’t until police asked to see the driver, Emory McCullough’s license and registration that the incident got a bit hairy. That is when Grafton reached into the glove box, and instead of grabbing some proof of insurance, he went straight for a semi-automatic weapon. Of course, police took this attempt as a serious threat and quickly whipped out a couple of pistols of their own. The showdown was over before it ever began.
Now, these cops were not your average, run-of-the-mill, small town law enforcement. These officers were smart enough to determine that the smell of marijuana along with Grafton reaching for an illegal firearm was more than likely enough reason to suspect the men were up to some tomfoolery.
It was during a roadside search that officers discovered about five grams of weed on McCullough, yet they came up empty handed when searching Grafton. This seemed a bit odd to one officer, who claimed he smelled marijuana when both Grafton and McCullough were sitting in the backset of his patrol vehicle, but then noticed the odor went away after Grafton was escorted out.
When officers told Grafton they were going to obtain a search warrant to strip him down in the middle of the street an search every orifice of his body for the marijuana they knew damn well he was holding, he broke down and confessed that he did, in fact, have some weed shoved up his ass.
Later, during a strip search at the Rock Hill City Jail, officers discovered 41 individually wrapped baggies of weed and $315 stowed away in Grafton’s tidy whities. In the end, police seized Grafton’s weed, his gun and they even took his marijuana T-shirt.
Unfortunately, it is too late for Grafton to benefit from reading our Seven Tips for Smuggling Small Stashes. But it is not too late for you.
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