Marijuana: Reviewing The User’s Guide to Colorado Marijuana Law


The concept behind The User’s Guide to Colorado Marijuana Law, a guidebook penned by Robert M. Linz, the associate director and head of public services at the University of Colorado School of Law, is a solid one. But the paperback format almost certainly ensures that this resource won’t be relevant forever.
Linz has arranged his book into two major categories: “Part One: Personal Use of Marijuana,” and “Part Two: Commercial Use of Marijuana.” The guide lays out information in a simple Q&A format. For example, the opening section contains questions such as “How old do I need to be to legally consume marijuana?” and “How much marijuana may I possess?” — the types of inquiries that dispensary owners are probably tired of answering. Linz cites appropriate legislation in his answers for readers and consumers.

The second half of the book seems most likely to require changes over time. Linz answers broader questions about the legal cannabis industry, including “What regulations has Denver enacted for retail marijuana?” and “How will Colorado use the tax money it collects from retail marijuana sales?”
The User’s Guide to Colorado Marijuana Law would be ideal for consumers interested in a snapshot of the industry or for those who want to get caught up on current marijuana laws. In a few years, it could be a great conversation piece for industry experts as they look at the legal landscape in 2014 and reflect upon what’s changed. The included essay by Alex Cox, which questions the underlying philosophy regarding banning or allowing substances according to law, is amusing, too.
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