Publicized Minnesota Arrests Demonstrates Ongoing Law Enforcement Bias Against People of Color


Chris Lollie.

For ACLU-MN Executive Director Chuck Samuelson, the most likely explanation for the way Chris Lollie was treated by St. Paul law enforcement — including his rough arrest and the charges he was subsequently hit with — is skin deep. “The justice system is slanted against African American males, and this is a perfect example,” Samuelson told us during a recent interview.
“Marijuana possession, African Americans are seven times more likely to be arrested than white males,” Samuelson said. “African Americans serve 10 percent longer prison terms, are more likely to be searched than whites are, they’re stopped more and when they’re stopped they’re treated more harshly. It’s not right, that’s not something we should accept but anybody who says this isn’t a problem is probably smoking illegal drugs.”
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