Florida Medical Marijuana Amendment May Be in Danger of Failing, According to Recent Polls


Support for Florida’s medical marijuana amendment has been riding high in polls for so long that it almost seemed like its passage would be a foregone conclusion. But a funny thing seems to have happened on the way to the ballot box.
Two new polls show that the amendment is now well below the 60 percent approval it needs to meet in order to be adopted into the state constitution.

The first poll comes from Gravis Marketing and found that only 55 percent of Floridians plan to vote for the amendment. Thirty-nine percent plan to vote no and seven percent remain undecided. That’s considerably down from a Gravis poll in August that showed 64-percent approval of the amendment.
Another poll from St. Pete Polls showed that only 51.9 percent of voters approve of the amendment, while 38.7 percent disapprove. When including voters who were strongly leaning one way or another but hadn’t yet officially decided, the breakdown is 54.3-40.1, with 5.6 percent still completely undecided.
A Survey USA poll from earlier this month found a 51-33 split.
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