Idiot Allegedly Rips Off Pot Grow, Leaves Cell Phone Behind


Chris Mathers, alleged grow thief (from

Chris Mathers is apparently a thief, but not a good one. We know this because the junkie scumbag left his smartphone behind earlier this week while allegedly ripping off a Colorado grower’s outdoor garden – one of several he’s allegedly burglarized. Now thanks to social media, he’s caught the attention of local police.

See, this mastermind, Mathers, left his phone unlocked which allowed the victim to pull up more than enough information on the scumbag to track him down and, eventually, get the cops involved.
Details are hazy, mostly to keep the grower’s identity somewhat discreet. But after getting over the initial horror of seeing their harvest (still weeks from being finished) gone, the owners of the grow were no doubt elated to find some rather concrete evidence linking Mathers to their grow (no word on how Mathers would have even known about the grow). After figuring out that the guy left his cell phone open for anyone to use, the grower handed things over to social media. Here’s a post from one of the grower’s friends:
“My friends outdoor was ripped last night. One of the rippers dropped his phone. Im gonna post his profile below and his buddy that was involved (found out thru reading messages) please hit me up if you know them.”
And it quickly escalated. The victim pulled photos of a passed out Mathers, his address, phone numbers and even a list of other grows he had allegedly ripped off. While the growers no doubt had the inclination to go beat his head in, they wisely called the cops. After all, pot is a legal thing to grow in this state and this is outright theft.
For his part, Mathers sounds like he’s near rock bottom. The grower was able to pull up text message conversations about Mathers’ suboxone habit – stuff you use to get off heroin or oxys — as well as other pill popping adventures
That, and he normally smokes dirt weed, apparently. The grower found photos of the brick bullshit he sells for $50/ounce “donations” on Mathers’ Facebook account.

Thanks to Stephen Bradley at for initially publishing this story. Ganja thievery should never be tolerated.