Pennsylvania House Refuses to Address Medical Marijuana Proposal


Sorry, Pennsylvanians in need of pain relief, suffering from seizures, wasting away from chronic nausea and dying of cancer or AIDS, you’re going to wait until next year at least for your state to allow you to access medical cannabis.
The State House of Representatives yesterday made it clear they aren’t going to vote on a medical marijuana proposal that has already been approved by the state Senate. House leaders say they have too many issues with the bill and need to hold hearings to iron things out – things they can’t accomplish by the end of today, when the legislature adjourns.

“No, there is no intention of bringing that legislation up for a vote,” House spokesman, Steve Miskin, told reporters Thursday.
The thing is, there shouldn’t be much to discuss. The bill is about as uncontroversial as it could get.
The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Daylin Leach, a Democrat from Philadelphia, would allow patients to access cannabis in edible, oil and tincture forms. Vaporization would be allowed, but the smoking of cannabis would not be permitted under Leach’s plan. It gained huge support, including 20 out of 27 republicans and all Democrats in the Senate.
But there could be hope next session. The bill will carry over and there is some support in the state House. For example, State Rep. Ed Gainey tried unsuccessfully to tack the Senate bill to another bill regarding generic prescription drugs.