Canada Tells Medical Growers to Curb Advertising Benefits of Cannabis


The Canandian health department has issued a warning to the country’s medical cannabis growers and sellers, saying that advertising the benefits of medical cannabis online and in print has gone too far.
Health Canada sent letters to 20 licensed pot growers that outline how and when they can advertise their products – including banning photos of actual buds or linking to any third-party websites that the government deems to be “promoting” weed. Producers can’t even talk about which strains help certain conditions.

“The information provided by licensed producers to the public should be limited to basic information for prospective clients such as the brand name, proper or common name of the strain, the price per gram, the cannabinoid content, and the company’s contact information,” Health Canada says in a release on their site.
The thing is, the pot sellers are also bound by law to provide a website for patients where they can place orders. So, basically patients have to blindly wade through the strains on the site themselves.
For their part, medical pot producers say they’ve been asking for guidance for weeks but have been getting “nonsensical” responses back from Health Canada.
Some, however, say they welcome the regulations.
“You don’t want to be over-promoting a narcotic,” Marc Wayne, chairman of the Canadian Medical Cannabis Industry said, wrongly conflating cannabis with narcotics and furthering the idea that cannabis is some dangerous drug that should be regulated more harshly than things like Oxycontin, cocaine and heroin.