Cincinnati Courts To Erase Some Pot Convictions After City Decriminalizes 100 Grams or Less


Kevin Hartnell/Wikimedia Commons.

A city law that went into effect last week in Cincinnati means that anyone caught with 100 grams of ganja or less will only face a $150 fine and court fees as opposed to 30 day sin jail and $250 in fines.
That’s good news for people getting caught in the future, but it’s also good news if you’ve been busted in the past. The law change means anyone previously busted under the old ordinance with what is now decriminalized amounts of pot can have the charges removed from their record.

You can even have multiple possession charges dropped from your record, so long as it was for 100 grams or less.
Busted holding in Cincinnati? Want to learn more? Head down to the Hamilton County Public Defender’s Office, 230 E. Ninth St. from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. for a free seminar dubbed “Fresh Start Expungement Clinic”.