Sue Sisley, Cannabis Researcher, Loses Medical Society Position Over Quotes


Sue Sisley.

Sue Sisley, the researcher who was going to run the largest PTSD/marijuana study in the country before being fired for political reasons, has been fired again. An apparent victim of hardball politics, the Valley doctor and would-be cannabis researcher was told by the University of Arizona in June to vacate her office at the school’s downtown Phoenix campus.
Now Sisley’s been booted off the Maricopa County Medical Society’s board of officers due to published quotes in September’s Phoenix New Times feature article about her saga, “Weeded Out: How the U of A Fired Pot Researcher Sue Sisley After a State Senator Complained.”

University of Arizona officials never said much about why they canceled Sisley’s contract to perform various duties. Sisley was also stripped her of an academic title that would have allowed her to move ahead with a planned study of how marijuana affects veterans with PTSD.
As the September article covers, what officials did say about Sisley’s claims of political retaliation didn’t jibe with the facts. It appears that the UofA bowed to pressure applied by powerful State Senator Andy Biggs, who didn’t like Sisley’s connection to a recall drive against one of his pals, State Senator Kimberly Yee.
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