Big Pharma is Working on Medical Marijuana Gum


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A New York and Netherlands-based biotechnology company focusing on medical cannabis research says they plan to start making pot-infused bubblegum in the Netherlands that they plan to sell internationally.
Axim Biotechnologies, which already makes a product called CanChew that contains CBD, say they will manufacture CanChew and a new product, MedChew, which will contain THC. Officials with the company tell they are already conducting clinical trials on patients with Multiple Sclerosis as well as inflammatory bowel problems and Crohn’s disease in Amsterdam.

While we’re sure there’s medical pot gum out there that’s a simple blend of bubblegum and hash oil, MedChew is high-tech and designed to slow-release over a half-hour or so that the cannabinoids so that they can be absorbed by the lining of your mouth.
In other words: they are making the nicotine gum of pot products.
But at least the pot will come from Axim’s own garden. The group bought up about 1.25 acres of land in the Netherlands to grow their stash and make their new gum, all with the approval of the Dutch Ministry of health.

Axim’s proposed pot farm/bubblegum manufacturing plant.