Florida Governor Rick Scott Is Still Spending Tons Of Taxpayer Cash Trying To Drug Test State Employees


Rick Scott can’t stop thinking about pee.

A federal judge told him to drop the plan. The 11th Circuit Court of Appeals told him it was illegal. Then the U.S. Supreme Court refused to listen to his arguments. Even the facts are against him (the program wastes more money than it would ever “save”).
But despite losing over and over in every court around, Gov. Rick Scott is still fighting for the right to force state employees to pee in a cup. And the legal bills for his quixotic quest are now inching toward a cool million bucks — funded, of course, by taxpayers.

Scott promised to institute drug testing for all state employees — and all Welfare recipients — during his first campaign for governor. But the later plan was finally quashed earlier this month by the courts and the former lost on every level as his attorneys appealed decisions up the line.
The governor’s latest legal defeat came back in April, when the Supreme Court declined to hear his arguments. That decision left intact a ruling by the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals, which found that testing every state employee with no reasonable suspicion was unconstitutional.
Endgame, right?
Not for Scott. Read more at the Miami New Times.
(And if you really want a good take on drug testing, check out Eric Liu’s opinion column at CNN.com arguing that we should drug test Wall Street if we’re going to drug test people who get federal handouts)