Georgia Man Executed Face Down on the Ground Based on Info from Junkie-NARC


The soldiers of the drug war have crossed the threshold from brainwashed law enforcement tactics into a despicable realm of cold-blooded murder that not even the deranged attitudes of the Old West would dare support. The latest evidence surrounding a case involving a fruitless drug raid speculates that when the Laurens County Sherriff’s Department showed up to the residence of 59-year-old David Hooks earlier this year, their primary objective was to assassinate the man, not to serve a search warrant.

The bizarre incident began in October when an infamous local junkie by the name of Rodney Garrett crept onto the Hooks’ property and stole their Lincoln Navigator. Inside the glove compartment, Garrett claims to have discovered around 20 grams of methamphetamine, and out of fear for his safety, he made the decision to turn himself in to authorities. Yet, conflicting reports indicate the Hook’s filed a police report immediately after noticing their Navigator had been stolen and Garrett was arrested in the vehicle the very next day.
What is not known, however, is exactly what level of low down shenanigans took place between the time Garrett was arrested and the raid on the Hooks’ residence later that evening. All that was reported initially was that Garrett testified that Daivd Hooks was associated with illegal drug activity, which was information police used to obtain a search warrant of his property. Later that night, a SWAT team kicked down the door to the Hooks’ residence and fatally wounded David with 17 shots. Incidentally, no drugs were found on the property after an extensive 44-hour search.
Previous reports indicated that officers opened fire only after Hooks whipped out a shotgun and indicated that he was ready to shoot. However, a family attorney has since come forward on behalf of Hook’s widow, claiming the “true facts of this tragedy are in stark contrast” to what actually happened.
In fact, attorney Mitchell Shook claims two of the wounds that led to Hooks’ death are extremely suspicious. Records obtained from the Laurens County EMS shows that David Hooks may have been shot twice while he was face down on the ground. “One was to the side of the head, the other, was in his back, the back of his left shoulder, based on the evidence we see, we believe that David Hooks was face down on the ground when he received those last two shots,” Shook told WMAZ.
Testimony provided by Teresa Hooks reveals that on the night David was killed, she noticed several suspicious men running towards the house and called out to her husband for help. She claims David never had a chance to react. “Between 10:30 and 11, I turned the light off upstairs. I heard a car coming up the driveway really fast, and I looked up the upstairs window. I saw a black vehicle with no lights. I saw 6 to 8 men, coming around the side of my house, and I panicked. I came running downstairs, yelling for David to wake up. He was in the bedroom asleep, had been for about an hour and a half. When I got downstairs to the bottom of the stairs, he opened the door and he had a gun in his hand, and he said, ‘Who is it?,’ and I said I didn’t know. He stepped back into the bedroom like he was going to grab his pants, but before he could do that, the door was busted down. He came around me, in the hall, into the den, and I was gonna come behind him, but before I could step into the den the shots were fired, and it was over.”
The shotgun discovered next to Hooks’ body was not loaded.
The Hooks family is unsure how or why law enforcement was allowed to use the word of a troublemaking dope addict to obtain a search warrant on a man who was a respected contractor for the United States military. They say not only was David not associated with the illegal drug trade but he was often forced to submit to background checks by the Department of Homeland Security and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms in order to conduct business with government agencies.
Although the Hooks family is still waiting on the autopsy results to learn if David was, in fact, shot twice in the back while face down in a pool of his own blood, there is a very distinct possibility his execution was carried out as the result of a personal vendetta against him. As of now, Sheriff W.A. “Bill” Harrell has declined to comment on the case, and depending on lab results from the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, the local prosecutor could file criminal charges against the Laurens County Sheriff’s Department.
“Our community has supported us for the most part and we really appreciate that,” said Teresa Hooks. “I think there’s been a misconception of us being anti law enforcement, that’s not true, we realize there has to be law enforcement and we respect law enforcement but this was wrong.”
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