Houston DA’s Office Will Spend $1.9 Million to Outfit Local Cops With Body Cams



It looks like there’s finally an official plan in place for the purchase of some more body cameras for hundreds of local law enforcement officers.
Harris County District Attorney Devon Anderson announced this afternoon that her office plans to dole out $1 million to the Houston Police Department and $900,000 to the Harris County Sheriff’s Office for the purchase of hundreds of body cameras, which will be worn by officers while they’re on duty. The money will come from assets the office has seized during criminal investigations, Anderson said.

The DA’s office said that overwhelming frustration voiced at a recent town hall, along with the overwhelming community support for body cameras, led to the decision to chip in some funding for more local body cams.
Some Houston police officers will begin wearing cameras next November, but Sheriff Adrian Garcia says he may be able to start testing out those body devices in the next few months.
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