Seattle Dispensary Owner Alleges Robbery was Inside Job


it’s another security concern dispensaries face.

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Ryan Kunkel, owner of Seattle dispensary Have A Heart alleges that a recent robbery was an inside job.

Mexican police executed more than 42 suspected gang members on a ranch last year.

The Justice Department said it would stop using private prisons on grounds that they’re more dangerous and less well run than public prisons. The move does not apply to most prisoners in the country, who are incarcerated under state laws.

The Obama administration has also awarded a $1B contract to private prison company Corrections Corporation of America to detain Central American asylum seekers.

Christopher Barry, son of former D.C. mayor Marion Barry, died of a synthetic cannabis overdose.

Nashville and Memphis might decriminalize. Kentucky law blocks Louisville from attempting anything similar.

Creative joint rollers are all over Instagram. Cody VanGogh took 40 hours to make a Joan of Arc.Thegrasshoppa fashioned one into a functional crossbow.

Thousands  turned out  for a pro-legalization rally in Berlin. Colombians have a flair with edibles.

The Kind learns about the peculiar allure of Sour Diesel. “It’s called the Sour Diesel because it soured countless friendships, business relationships, and everything else,” an authority said. “It was like a magical power. If you had it, people would do whatever you asked them to. But it was also an evil power, a lot of envy and jealousy surrounded it.”

Former Minnesota governor, professional wrestler and actor Jesse Ventura, criticized the DEA’s decision not to reschedule. His new book, “ Jesse Ventura’s Marijuana Manifesto,” drops next month.

Harvest, an upscale dispensary in San Francisco, will reserve its private consumption room for paying members.

A Nebraska dad who ate too many pot brownies called the family cat a “bitch.” He declined to be taken to the hospital.