Report: Pot Arrests Surpass Those For Violent Crimes


Arrests for possession are ongoing even in legal states.

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A study from the ACLU and Human Rights Watch found that more people are arrested for pot possession in the U.S. than for all violent crimes combined. See the report here.
Arizona’s REC debate has led to questions about how drug smugglers would adapt. REC supporters say traffickers will lose business. Opponents say they’ll switch to selling heroin and crystal meth.

Kansas attorney general Derek Schmidt (R) says Colorado cannabis is “ permeating” every part of the state.

The ACLU came to the defense of the sometimes unruly folks who hang out on Denver’s 16th Street mall and make some Denverites uncomfortable.

Cannabis lingo is evolving with legalization.

Activists in Philly are planning a “ pop-up weed garden” party on the art museum steps – the steps Rocky ran up – to celebrate two-years of decriminalization.

Leaked emails suggest Hillary Clinton has mixed feelings about legalization. The Atlantic says the election could be REC’s “ point of no return.

A Drug Policy Alliance report found that in Washington and Colorado, the impact on traffic safety and child poisonings has been minimal. AAA opposes legalization.

Starting Monday, Americans can import Cuban rum and cigars for personal consumption.

Workers in downtown Cleveland reported a pot-themed car driving around passing out edibles. Detroit Metro Times meets the “ Sons of Hemp,” a group of activists and entrepreneurs in Motown.

It’s always a good time to revisit Michael Pollan’s 1995 New York Times Magazine piece “ How Pot Has Grown.”

I love that a group of San Francisco “chefs for higher” call themselves SousWeed. Recipes on the site include sea salt melon ice cream, harissa and sardine toast and lamb meatballs. Leafly talked to them.

Bonzai pot plants.