Most Upcoming Rec Votes Include Protections for Parents


CannaKids founder Tracy Ryan with her daughter Sophie.

The issue often comes up

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The REC initiatives in Massachusetts and three other states include measures that protect parents from losing custody of their children as a result of marijuana use. An Idaho mom has lost custody of her kids and is facing criminal charges after giving her child cannabis butter to relieve seizure-like symptoms.

The Boston Archdiocese gave $850,000 to oppose REC in Massachusetts, calling it a threat to the church community and its social programs. Supporters of the bill are still likely to outspend opponents.

Reisa Clardy, the  widow of a state trooper killed by an allegedly stoned driver and a mother of seven, has taped a video urging Massachusetts to vote no on REC. “I don’t think we would gain anything from” legalizing, she says. The driver has plead not guilty to manslaughter and other charges.

Legalization opponent Kevin Sabet and pro-cannabis groups held an awkward joint press conference in San Francisco to oppose REC in California. The pro-cannabis groups consider Prop 64 too friendly to big business.

NORML is suing after the MED question didn’t appear on some absentee ballots in Broward County, Florida. An official said the faulty ballots were tests.

Sheldon Adelson, billionaire owner of The Venetian, has contributed to anti-legalization campaigns in Nevada, Florida and Massachusetts. Vice looks at the who else is bankrolling the anti-weed campaigns.

Tech investor Scott Banister gave $200,000 to the pro-REC side in Arizona. East Valley Tribune delves into the finer points of REC in Arizona.  The OC Register  does something similar  for California and asks who’s  for and against REC  in the state.

Arkansas will only vote on one MED initiative, after a court ruling removed the other.

The San Diego Union Tribune endorsed REC in California. The Boston Globe “ just says yes,” in Massachusetts.

WestWord goes through how members of Colorado’s congressional delegation feel about weed.

California is putting water use rules into place for growers. SFWeekly reports on tensions between growers and environmentalists.