Cannabis Firm Privateer Boosts Fundraising Total to More Than $100M


It has raised more money than almost anyone else.

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Privateer Holdings, parent company of Leafly and other cannabis brands, raised $40M bringing its total to more than $100M.

I wrote a story for the L.A. Times about Pueblo, Colo., the pot boomtown that may vote the industry out.

Several California counties are voting on pot taxes. L.A. will have a vote on pot regulation in March.

An Arizona anti-pot group is inaccurately badmouthing Colorado, Colorado lawmakers said. REC got some big union endorsements in Nevada.

Alaska’s first dispensary, Herbal Outfitters, opened in Valdez. “It lets people know if you vote on something, its going to happen. If you really believe in it its going to happen,” one Ryan Cummings said. “The people that did it, all of us that made it happen, it’s very exciting. I think that it’s going to be a success. Maybe might mellow our town out a little bit.”

An Anchorage dispensary, Arctic Herbery, is on hold after it gave away free samples.

Utah is starting to talk about MED. Virginia is talking about decriminalizing.

Evan McMullin, a Mormon presidential candidate who has a shot at winning Utah, says states should be allowed to legalize heroin.

New York is watching Massachusetts. The Bronx is getting its first dispensary.

Colorado’s tight, new proposed budget, will use pot taxes to fund housing for the homeless.

The violent tactics of the Philippines’ drug war are spreading across Asia.

Australia officially legalized MED. Access is still a way’s off. The country’s leading cannabis information body lost its government funding.

MED supporters in North Dakota, got a little money to spread the word. In Montana, MED users arelosing access ahead of the vote.