Details About Cannabis Creeping Into Mainstream Companies’ SEC Filings


Companies like lawncare outfit Scotts Miracle-Gro are getting involved.

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More public companies not officially connected to marijuana are mentioning it as a risk factor in their SEC filings.

Interest in legal pot is picking up on Wall Street. But banking is still a major problem for the industry.BusinessWeek has more.

At some cannabis companies, the recent run-up in share prices had led to insiders selling shares, which is sometimes an indication of internal problems.

NiemanLab included a conversation with me in a piece about cannabis journalism, and how it’s funded. I also talked to KCRW (L.A.) about how design fuels the Green Rush.

In Ohio, MED grow licenses would cost $200,000 and be capped at 18 according to proposed rules.

If legalization spreads, Seattle could lose some marijuana tourists. Denver’s “social use” vote, if it passes, could be a tourist draw.
Deloitte released a bullish report on legalization in Canada. Some MED growers in the country struggle to obtain seeds.
Business Insider meets 11 tech executives who gave up Silicon Valley for cannabis. It also profiles Jake Heimark, a former Facebook employee who now makes cannabis gum.
Kurt Isaacson, CEO of substance abuse treatment provider Spectrum Health Systems, says legalization is bad for public health.

Food scholar and nutritionist Marion Nestle is wary of edibles. WBUR (Boston) asks if pot is really saferthan booze.

The parents of an apparently well-adjusted Colorado 23-year old think dabbing may have contributed to his suicide.

A Yale study found that workplace policies play an important role in determining whether people use cannabis. Another study found that MED use improved some aspects of cognitive performance.

Pot shops may be more rigorous than liquor stores in checking for ID.

In New York, blacks are 13 times more likely than whites to be arrested for marijuana.