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Robert Platshorn is getting high today. That is, he’s going on an airplane. High Times called him up yesterday to say that he’s being gifted free tickets to this weekend’s Cannabis Cup in Seattle. The reason? After 28 years in prison and six years on probation for smuggling weed, the West Palm Beach resident is finally a free man.
The 71-year-old was part of the Black Tuna Gang — a sophisticated drug ring that became the feds’ first big bust in the War on Drugs. In the ensuing years, he’s become a pot icon. Not only has he served the longest-ever sentence for a marijuana-related crime but he’s become an outspoken advocate on the benefits of medical cannabis for seniors.

Irv Rosenfeld smokes 10 to 12 federal medical marijuana cigarettes a day — and he has for 30 years

On Tuesday, November 20, Florida stockbroker Irvin Rosenfeld will celebrate 30 years of receiving 10-12 marijuana cigarettes a day from the United States federal government. Irv, 60, has now received and smoked more than 120,000 joints from the feds.
Rosenfeld — the longest surviving of the final four federal medical cannabis patients from a program that was started in 1978 and stopped under President H. W. Bush — and 13 others were “grandfathered” in what is called a “Compassionate Care Investigational New Drug” [IND] protocol.
“Even though I have a severe bone tumor disorder, I am in great health because of my cannabis use,” Rosenfeld said. “The sad part is that the federal government either doesn’t care or does not want to know how well I am.”

Irvin Rosenfeld
Irv Rosenfeld, a 58-year-old stockbroker from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, doesn’t look like a record-setting pothead. But he’s smoked more than 120,000 U.S. government joints since 1982.

​On November 20, 1982, the United States federal government sent a Florida citizen 300 cannabis cigarettes in a shiny tin can. 
The U.S. government, known the world over as a champion of preying on the sick with a weapon they call the “War On Drugs,” continues to send that same man the same ration of joints 29 years later.
This delivery of medicine is part of a “Compassionate Investigative New Drug” Program that exists to study “new drugs”, in this case, marijuana.
Over that 29-year period the government has performed no such study.
Irvin Rosenfeld of Florida will begin his 30th year of smoking cannabis cigarettes on November 20, 2011 — and he feels great.

Photos: U.S. Marshals Service
Mark Steven Phillips was arrested in his senior community apartment 31 years after his original arrest in 1979, left.

​More than three decades after he went on the run, Mark Steven Phillips, a former associate of the Black Tuna Gang of marijuana smugglers, will serve five years in federal prison for his part in bringing cannabis into the United States, a federal judge has ruled.

Phillips, 62, was re-arrested in January while living at a retirement community in West Palm Beach. He was sentenced on Wednesday by the same judge who was over his case in 1979 in Miami: U.S. District Court Judge James Lawrence King, reports David Ovalle at the Miami Herald.

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Back in October, our colleagues at the Broward-Palm Beach New Times published a feature on people doing hard time for marijuana. One of the men profiled in the piece, Richard DeLisi, was sentenced in 1989 to 90 years for marijuana-related crimes, including trafficking and conspiracy to traffic.
Aging and in declining health, the 65-year-old DeLisi’s fate is in the hands of a court hearing that will decide if he will have one of his felony conspiracy charges reduced to a second-degree misdemeanor. Last week, Judge Michael Raiden of the Polk County Courthouse began a 30 day deliberation over a motion filed by DeLisi’s attorney, despite the state’s objections.

Carlos HendersonOuachita Correctional Center

Upon learning that Denver Broncos receiver Carlos Henderson was arrested yesterday, January 14, on a marijuana charge, most NFL fans are likely to assume that such busts are common for members of the team, given Colorado’s reputation as a cannabis mecca. But, no: According to a comprehensive database of NFL players in trouble, Henderson is the first Bronco in more than seventeen years to be taken into custody for an alleged weed violation.


Since recreational marijuana was legalized in Colorado, much has been made of children accidentally ingesting edible marijuana — but what about when people intentionally feed it to kids? Last week Davirak Ky pleaded guilty to distributing a controlled substance and child abuse for feeding two minors cannabis-infused cookies. In exchange, Ky received three years of probation, must undergo drug and alcohol treatment, and has to take a class on the effects of drugs on children — but he will avoid prison time if he stays out of trouble


President Barack Obama would arrest you for trying to purchase three-quarters of a ton of marijuana, but when his administration does exactly that it’s business as usual.
According to a Drug Enforcement Administration, the amount of marijuana being grown by the federal government at the University of Mississippi will increase this year to 1,430 pounds of pot.

Photo by Brandon Marshall
A photo from our 2014 People of the Cannabis Cup slide show.

Last week, Denver Police Department spokesman Sonny Jackson told us that officers would have a greater presence at the annual 4/20 event at Civic Center Park due both to the still-unsolved shooting that took place at last year’s rally and laws against public consumption of marijuana. However, he pledged that officers would act with “discretion” during enforcement actions.
How’d they do? Well, social media hasn’t exploded with anger at the cops despite what appears to be a larger number of arrests and citations than in recent years: 130 over the course of the weekend.

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If you bought some weed in St. Louis between 2006 and 2010, the man your dealer probably got it from has been sentenced to 30 years in prison.
On Thursday, David Ingram Henderson, 39, of Maryland Heights, was sentenced after having been convicted last November of one felony count each of “conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute over 1,000 kilograms of marijuana; conspiracy to manufacture over 100 plants of marijuana, and the manufacture of 100 marijuana plants.”

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