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Wanna see a lot more of this at Hempfest? You could next year, if I-502 passes.

A Hempfest marred by dozens of busts for people just passing the joint at 4:20? Say it ain’t so!

It could happen if I-502 passes and is enforced as written.
But you’d think Seattle Hempfest would be heaven on Earth after the passage of “legalization” Initiative 502 in Washington state, if all the information you had to go by was a Marc Emery quote — posted by trophy wife Jodie — on Facebook today.

“Next year at Seattle Hempfest, if I-502 passes, everyone will be able to carry an ounce of marijuana around on their person and not be concerned with arrest!” Emery wrote from prison. “Or losing their job! Or losing custody of their children. Or violating probation. Or getting a criminal record.