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San Diego Police Department
Evidence photo from an October 15th raid on Market Greens marijuana dispensary in San Diego, CA

Another week means another horrible round of cannabis-related headlines coming out of sunny San Diego, California. In an attempt to turn America’s Finest City into the nation’s Ground Zero in the War on Weed, San Diego city officials, backed by a militant branch of the DEA and weed-hating local law enforcement, have almost totally shut down any idea of safe access to medical marijuana.
San Diego’s scene has been slashed from over 300 storefront medical marijuana dispensaries in 2011, to less than 40 in operation today – and not one of those 40 is operating with the consent of the city.

Put yourself in this situation: you’ve just driven across state lines while running from the police when your car skids out and rolls several times into a ditch. What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you land upright?
“Oh damn, I’m screwed,” seems most likely.
But one Ohio man clearly thinks differently. He lit up his bong and toked a few while waiting for cops to drag him from the car.

Update – 5/31/2013 9:20 a.m.:The Phoenix woman accused of attempting to smuggle 12 pounds of pot into America on a bus from Mexico has been set free after a judge ruled she had nothing to do with the cannabis.
Video footage showing Yanira Maldonado getting on a bus in Mexico with a small purse and two bottles of water was all it took to end the week-long ordeal that had the Mormon mother of seven facing jail time in Mexico for allegedly smuggling drugs.

Photo: YouTube
Antoine Dodson in the “Bed Intruder Song” video from YouTube

​Antoine “Bed Intruder” Dodson, whose TV news rant against a would-be rapist became a viral music video and his expressway to stardom, appeared in an Alabama city court on Monday, facing marijuana possession charges along with four other misdemeanors.

Shortly after his court appearance, Dodson posted a series of defiant tweets poking fun at the proceedings, reports CNN.
“Court was bullshit,” said one tweet.
“Damn I didn’t kill anyone did I??? It’s Just weed!!! You know that stuff that grows like grass?? Yeah that! !!” said another tweet to his 37,000-plus followers.
“Damn!! I never been in jail except that time in grade school,” he tweeted. “You remember!!!”

Photo: World News
Merle Haggard: “I think it’s silly to put someone in jail for marijuana possession”

​“We don’t smoke marijuana in Muskogee,” Merle Haggard sang back in 1969. But Merle’s changed his tune these days. The plain-spoken 73-year-old is still making music, winning awards and taking a stand for what he believes — including the legalization of cannabis.

“There are some people in this world that have no idea what the real deal is,” Haggard told Jennifer Self of the Bakersfield Californian when asked about his friend Willie Nelson’s recent pot bust. “I think it’s silly to put someone in jail for [marijuana possession]. I think it’s a threat to the pharmaceutical industry that you can go to the garden to grow something that might keep you from having to use Lipitor.”