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The shooting last weekend of two teens who allegedly tried to heist marijuana plants from a backyard grow in the Whittier neighborhood, which left one fifteen-year-old dead and a fourteen-year-old boy critically injured, is hardly the first bit of mayhem in Colorado over a pot grow, legal or otherwise, and it probably won’t be the last.

Police believe that Keith David Hammock, 48, fired on the two youths with a .22-caliber rifle from a second-story window as they were seeking to flee over a fence.

Ramsey Orta in a Time interview.

According to several news sites out of New York, Ramsey Orta, the guy who filmed New York City police officers killing Eric Garner in a chokehold, was arrested Saturday. Cops say he was profiled after going into a Long Island hotel that cops say is a known drug hangout and arrested afterward for gun charges. A 17-year-old female he was with was also charged with marijuana possession.

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Half Of All American Drug Arrests Are For Cannabis; New Stats Reveal Failure Of “War On Drugs”
Just over one week before voters in three states will decide on ballot measures to legalize and regulate marijuana, the FBI on Monday released a new report showing that police in the United States arrest someone for marijuana every 42 seconds, and that 87 percent of those arrests are for possession alone.
Monday’s FBI report shows that 81.8 percent of drug arrests were for possession only, and just under half (49.5 percent) of all drug arrests were for marijuana.
A group of police, judges and other law enforcement officials advocating for the legalization and regulation of marijuana and other drugs pointed to the figures showing more than 750,000 marijuana arrests in 2011 — more than 40 years after the start of the “War On Drugs” — as evidence that this is a war that can never be won. With more than 1.5 million total drug arrests drug arrests being reported in the U.S. in 2011, that’s one drug arrest every 21 seconds.

Photos: U.S. Marshals Service
Mark Steven Phillips, 62, was arrested in his senior community apartment 31 years after his original arrest in 1979, left.

‚ÄčAfter being on the run for more than 30 years, a member of the legendary Miami-based “Black Tuna Gang,” a marijuana smuggling operation, was arrested by U.S. Marshals Thursday morning in a senior community in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Mark Steven Phillips, 62, had been a wanted man for more than 30 years after he skipped out on his trial for being a member of an operation accused of smuggling some 500 tons of Colombian cannabis into the United States over a period of 16 months in the 1970s.
However, according to Black Tuna Gang leader Robert Platshorn — who is the longest serving pot prisoner in American history, having himself served almost 30 years in federal prison for smuggling marijuana — Phillips was definitely not the “Marijuana Kingpin” prosecutors and their obedient headline writers are trying to make him out to be.

Photo: KSDK
These three active duty soldiers were arrested after their robbery attempt at a medical marijuana dispensary.

‚ÄčSurveillance Footage Shows Hapless Pot Thieves “Running Around Like Rats Trapped in a Maze” 

Three active duty soldiers from Fort Carson, Colorado, were arrested early Saturday morning after allegedly trying to rob a medical marijuana dispensary in Colorado Springs, according to the police.

Security cameras caught the three bumbling burglars on tape breaking into the Rocky Road Remedies cannabis dispensary, reports Kevin Dolak at ABC News. The three, who wore ski masks and carried crowbars, found themselves trapped inside the pot shop when the automatic security system locked all the doors.
Surveillance footage shows the hapless pot thieves “running around like rats trapped in a maze,” according to the manager of the dispensary, reports Ayinde O. Chase at AHN News.