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Holistic Herbal Healers in San Jose, California are now offering more Bhang for the buck

​Holistic Herbal Healers, a San Jose, California medical marijuana collective, is now carrying Bhang Chocolate, a gourmet edible that shop says is “carefully tested to ensure a consistent level of medical cannabis in every bar.”

Unlike many cannabis edibles that can vary in strength from batch to batch, all Bhang Chocolates have the same potency, according to HHH, making it easier for patients to regulate their medication.
Bhang Chocolates are available in single-dose, double-dose, and triple-dose four-piece bars. The single-dose bar contains 60 milligrams of THC, which is the chief psychoactive component of marijuana. The double-dose bar contains 120 mg, and the triple-dose bar has 180 mg.
“Medicating yourself with edible cannabis products can be frustrating — as THC levels can vary widely, even in different batches of the same branded product,” said a director at HHH. “The addition of Bhang Chocolates at Holistic Herbal Healers is very good for our patients.”

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“Dude… I am soooo high.” (Or the local equivalent.) Men smear colored powder on each other’s faces during celebrations of Holi, the Hindu spring festival of color.

​They’re getting that old time religion in northern India, as the annual Holi festival, an extravagant Hindu spring celebration of colors, is observed with potent marijuana milk shakes.

The festival, celebrated in March each year (the exact date depends on the lunar calendar), is an occasion during which men, women and children play wildly with water guns and colored powder,  according to The Observers. And the fact that “bhang thandai,” an almond-flavored milk shake blended with cannabis, is a prominent part of the celebration doesn’t hurt the festive atmosphere one bit.
picmonkey_collageKate Simmons | Toke of the Town

Many companies have holiday-themed edibles that we wait for all year; others have items that we especially enjoy during the holiday season. Here are our ten favorite Colorado edibles, to enjoy when there’s snow on the ground and a chill in the air.

1. Bhang Cherries and Cream Chocolate Bar

Bhang’s Cherries and Cream Chocolate Bar won the 2015 World Cannabis Cup for Edibles. Bhang specializes in edibles made with fairly traded Venezuelan criollo cacao; Cherries and Cream combines gourmet cherries with the company’s award-winning milk chocolate bar and contains 180 mg of THC. Interesting fact: Bhang is a Hindi word describing an edible form of cannabis that has been used in India since 2000 BCE.

The Washington Post learned that Maryland state lawmaker Del. Dr. Dan K. Morhaim, a vocal supporter of legalizing MED, is affiliated with a company applying for a state MED license. Morhaim, who’s also a physician, said he has no equity in the company, and had cleared his involvement with the legislature’s ethics advisor.

Maryland has promised to begin awarding the coveted licenses next month. The evaluation process cost about $2 million , almost five times the original estimate.

More rigorous product testing is coming to Oregon this fall, but so far  no testing lab licenses  have been issued. MED dispensaries  can open in Hawaii  but none are ready.

Tech billionaire Sean Parker doubled his contribution to California’s REC initiative to $2.25 million.

Long Beach, Calif. won a lawsuit that will allow it to maintain its dispensary ban. Voters will have a chance to overturn the city’s ban in November. It’s complicated.

High Times says Brexit could set back legalization in the U.K.

Italian lawmakers will consider full legalizationGreece may legalize MED. A new bill in Ireland would legalize MED.

Legal pot probably isn’t as big a draw for Colorado tourists as had once been thought. Seattle alt-weekly The Stranger makes a technical argument that Washington State should have licensed more dispensaries.

Edibles company Bhang Chocolate lost a $1.875 million breach of contract suit to investor Mentor Capital.

HelloMD, a site that allows patients to obtain doctors’ recommendations online, has a questions and answers site that TechCrunch compares to “ Quora for cannabis.”

Canadian company Canopy Growth, plans to start selling MED in German pharmacies.

Weed is among the highest grossing products on the “ dark web,” online marketplaces that are difficult for law enforcement to track.

Investment in cannabis start-ups is on the rise. Instagram “ purged” a few big brands’ accounts.

The Atlantic talks to a few female cannabis entrepreneurs.

Canna Law Blog has a post on the eight pitfalls awaiting the industry in California.

Dispensary chain Terrapin Care Station acquired Denver Relief’s central Denver store.


The world’s smallest island nation is banning alcohol and legalizing cannabis. Members of the Nauruan Parliament approved a measure legalizing the sales, cultivation, use and possession of marijuana for adults on the island with a fifteen to four vote.
Nauru now joins Uruguay as one of the two nations to outright legalize the plant. Government offiials say the hope to boost travel to the extremely remote island, which has been almost entirely decimated by 50 years of phosphate strip mining.

New Hampshire state house.

Kicking off the New Year with a bhang, New Hampshire’s House is set to vote Wednesday on a plan that would legalize up to an ounce of pot for adults 21 and up for recreational purposes (or, for whatever purpose you may have for using cannabis). The bill, dubbed House Bill 492, is among the first few to be debate in the 2014 session.
Under the proposal, the state would legalize and regulate cannabis dispensaries to sell herb taxed at a rate of $30 per ounce. Adults 21 and up would be able to grow up to six plants at a time at home. Generally speaking, the plan is identical to the one passed in Colorado in 2012.


Washington D.C. council member Tommy Wells wants to stop making criminals D.C. residents for possession of small amounts of cannabis, and will introduce legislation today to do just that.
Wells, a democratic candidate for mayor, announced his plans to make possession of less than an ounce a civil fine with a $100 fine as the maximum punishment. The goal, he says, is to end the criminalization of youth in his community.

St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch.

Ken Wells uses marijuana daily to control his epilepsy, and was happy to tell Fox News St. Louis all about it in a report last night.
The report centered around Wells and his story as well as laws being pushed in Missouri and Illinois, but what stood out most to us was how amazingly ignorant St. Louis County Police Chief Tim Fitch sounds when talking about medical marijuana.


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William Breathes.


>em>High Times Magazine threw arguable the biggest private pot parties in the nation over the weekend, drawing tens of thousands of people over two days to the Exdo Events Center in Denver for the magazine’s third cannabis contest in as many years. Past events were all medical cups. But this year’s was billed as the first true Cannabis Cup that was open to everyone.
And apparently, that word got out to everyone. In our two days at the festival, we met dozens of folks from Texas, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Nebraska, and even a few awesome Kiwis from New Zealand – including the owner of New Zealand’s only hemp store. All were blown away by the open use around them – which is completely understandable when you come from places where marijuana isn’t as tolerated as Colorado. Shit, it was even impressive in scope for those of us used to such spectacles.

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