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Update, June 14, 2016: We’re back, and we hope we’ll see you again.

Since 2009, Toke of the Town has brought you the biggest marijuana news and loudest pot views from across the country — and around the world. Along the way, we’ve covered the huge progress many states have made towards legalization and wondered why others are so far behind. The country still has a long way to go, but things are looking up — and we have our fingers crossed that 2015 will be another big year for legalization.
But Toke won’t be around to see it — at least, not in its present form. This is Toke of the Town’s final day of publication.
Don’t worry: We’re not quitting the movement. We’re just returning the focus of our marijuana coverage to our local Voice Media Group papers. You can still read William Breathes’ weekly pot reviews and Ask a Stoner column at, where they started, and you can continue to follow him on Twitter and Facebook. And you can keep following Toke on Facebook and Twitter, too, for the latest marijuana news from all our papers.
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And all our archives will remain online, because we wouldn’t want you to lose access to our serious reporting on issues of medicine and our lighthearted coverage of stoner movies.
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Officials at Chicago’s Swedish Covenant Hospital say they want to be the first legal medical marijuana dispensary in the state. Illinois approved a medical cannabis “pilot program” in 2013, allowing for hospitals in the state to act as legal pot dispensaries. So far, none have shown much interest and medical cannabis sales aren’t likely to begin until next year at the earliest.
“We have professionals who very much would like to prescribe those drugs, we have the system in place to manage it and we have the patient population that needs it,” Marcia Jimenez, director of intergovernmental affairs for Swedish, told the Sun-Times. “It just made a lot of sense.

Kids suffering from severe seizure-causing conditions and diseases will be able to access medical cannabis soon thanks to a law signed by Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn on Sunday.
Illinois already has a medical cannabis program in place, but seizures did not qualify a patient for a medical cannabis recommendation. Will the new bill, children as well as adults will have increased access to the plant.

William Breathes/TotT.

A bill that would ban the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration from prosecuting medical marijuana patients, caregivers and businesses which are otherwise following state laws is up for debate this week in Washington D.C.
Similar measures have failed in recent years, but bipartisan backers of the bill – including author Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a Republican from California – say they’ve got the support this time around.

William Breathes/Toke of the Town.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott doesn’t seem to get that drug testing welfare recipients isn’t just demoralizing, wrong and illegal — it’s stupid an ineffective. He won’t listen to his constituents and he won’t listen to the federal court system.Weeks after the Supreme Court refused to hear his argument for why all state employees should have to pee in cups, Scott has filed a new brief in appellate court asking to re-argue his right to drug-test all welfare recipients in Florida.

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While thrift stores are great places to donate everything from worn couches to old t-shirt, they aren’t the best places to donate cannabis – even in states where the plant is legal.
Police last week were called out to a North Seattle thrift store after an employee sorting through overnight donations at an off-site donations bin found a bag stuffed with about 2.5 pounds of ganja.

Elemental Wellness
Concentrates like this Headband Wax aren’t exactly “banned” under a new Department of Public Health memo. But DPH “recommends” that the dispensaries “not produce or dispense” them. WTF?

​There’s no enforcement mechanism and it’s not a “ban,” says the San Francisco Department of Health. But nonetheless, a memo released to several dispensaries recommends that medical marijuana dispensaries in the city stop selling cannabis concentrates.

Under the heading “Medical Cannabis Edibles Advisory,” DPH, the department which regulates San Francisco’s 21 dispensaries, recommends the collectives “do not produce or dispense syrups, capsules, or other extracts that either required concentrating cannabis ingredients or that requires a chemical production process,” reports Chris Roberts at SF Weekly.

Photo: William Breathes/Westword
Robbers drove the 28-foot Growbot trailer away in full view of security guards.

​A big pot-growing trailer known as the “GrowBot” was stolen from a medical marijuana trade show in Denver over the weekend, and the owner on Tuesday offered a $5,000 reward for its return.

Greg Childre, who builds custom grow trailers for a variety of crops at his manufacturing plant in Georgia, said the trailer was stolen from the High Times Medical Cannabis Cup in Denver late Sunday night, according to Reuters.
In a fucked-up but ballsy move, the 28-foot GrowBot trailer was just driven out of the trade show parking lot — according to Childre, in full view of security guards.