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Security footage from First Reliable dispensary.

Last month we reported on the slaying of two employees at a Bakersfield, California medical marijuana dispensary who were gunned down in a senseless act of violence during a robbery.
Yesterday, the 16-year-old girl charged as an accomplice in the murder of security guard Tony Sherman and dispensary employee Devin Daniels began her trial.

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Unidentified suspected dispensary robber.

Two men were shot and killed in an apparent medical marijuana dispensary robbery in Bakersfield, California yesterday while the two alleged robbers remain at large.
Police say that 23-year-old Devin Scott Daniels and 55-year-old Tony Conrad Sherman. Though police didn’t identify whether the two who were killed worked at the center, other news sources have identified them as security guards who worked for the dispensary.

It’s no secret that people like cannabis. If you’re growing marijuana, the specter of rip-offs is almost certainly on your list of big concerns, and it may well be near the top worry.
Add in the increasingly restrictive regulations on medical cannabis cultivation being imposed in many California communities, and it’s just not easy for patients — who already have plenty to worry about — to provide for their own needs when it comes to herbal medication.

But one Yuba City man says he’s found the solution, reports Gabriel Roxas at News 10.