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Sam Hurd.

Former NFL wide receiver Sam Hurd is going to jail likely for the rest of his life for cocaine trafficking, accused by the feds as being the kingpin to a major narcotics operation. Hurd, now in his late-20s, faces sentencing later today.
Apparently now with little left to lose, he’s coming clean about his days in the NFL – including how pervasive cannabis actually is in the league.

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James Woods explains how Detroit police killed his three dogs

“Don’t hurt my dogs!” screamed James Woods during a mid-October marijuana raid in Detroit. The police didn’t listen; they fatally shot three of his dogs, reportedly as two of the animals ran to get away. The third dog — a young pit bulldog named Tank — was shot in the face at close range by a 12-gauge shotgun, despite being confined inside a locked fence outside where he was unable to harm anyone.

Woods was forced into a corner last week when the first shot rang out. Fearing police would hurt his two other dogs — who were inside the house — Woods cried out, “Please! They won’t hurt you! Stop chasing them! They’re just scared.”

Witnesses report that the other two dogs, Hump and Janey — in what could only have been a grotesque and nauseating scene — were chased around by police and then shot as the dogs fled.

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Wiz Khalifa tweeted “Waken… baken… wrist still achin” the morning after his marijuana bust at East Carolina University. All charges against the rapper have now been dismissed.

​Rap star Wiz Khalifa has been cleared of felony marijuana charges stemming from his arrest in North Carolina late last year.

On Wednesday, Pitt County District Attorney Clark Everett dropped a felony “drug trafficking” charge against Khalifa, who was arrested on November 8, 2010 after a show on the campus of East Carolina University when police discovered marijuana on his tour bus, reports James Montgomery at MTV.
Khalifa and nine members of his entourage were charged with trafficking, maintaining a vehicle for “sale or storage” of marijuana, and a misdemeanor charge of “drug paraphernalia” possession.
The trafficking charges were in error, according to D.A. Everett, because the amount of cannabis confiscated on the tour bus was 58 grams, only slightly more than two ounces, reports the Greenville Daily Reflector. For marijuana trafficking charges to stick in North Carolina, the threshold is 10 pounds.
There were 10 people in Wiz’s tour bus, according to Everett, and the star paid a “substantial premium fee” to a bail bondsman for covering the $300,000 bond for himself and all members of his entourage so everyone could leave immediately.

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​Grandmother and Children Handcuffed, Forced Facedown To The Ground; Children Taken From Parents

Aggressive raids against five collectively run medical marijuana delivery services were staged by a Narcotics Task Force of local and state law enforcement agencies on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week in San Luis Obispo County, California.

The raids resulted in at least 13 people being arrested on felony charges, with bails of up to $100,000. Several of those arrested were charged with child endangerment, after Child Protective Services (CPS) removed at least six children from the homes of three different families.
In one report of this week’s raids, the police kept people, including a grandmother and two children, handcuffed facedown on the ground. The children were later hauled off to CPS after their parents were thrown in jail.

Photo: Edmonton State Police/Edmonton Journal

​Three Australian men caught as they allegedly attempted to steal 9,000 marijuana plants from the police have been charged with theft.

Police wouldn’t confirm what was stored at the police logistics facility for security reasons, but the Herald Sun reports that the building contained marijuana plants confiscated in Victoria’s biggest drug bust.
The men were arrested after police claim they were caught breaking into the building about 10:15 p.m. on December 3.
The trio was apprehended during the break-in, and nothing was taken from the premises.

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The Minnesota Timbewolves’ team president was fined $50,000 for talking about how much marijuana Michael Beasley smokes.

​The National Basketball Association on Friday fined Minnesota Timberwolves president of basketball operations David Kahn $50,000 for his recent remarks about the marijuana habit of forward Michael Beasley, for whom the team recently traded, reports the Los Angeles Times.

The big-mouthed Kahn spoke in a radio interview Thursday about Beasley’s marijuana use in Miami, claiming that it hampered his play with the Heat, reports Hardcourt Mayhem at the Bleacher Report.
He added that he spoke to Beasley about discontinuing his marijuana use with the Timberwolves, which would supposedly help him become a better player.
Kahn called Beasley “a very young and immature kid who smoked too much marijuana” during his disappointing tenure with the Miami Heat NBA team.