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​Did you know your credit card company gets input on your medical decisions?

American Express, the most conservative of the major credit card companies, recently banned its customers from using the cards to buy medical marijuana — which is legal in 16 states. Medical marijuana joins online pornography on a short list of AmEx-banned purchases, which shows you roughly where the company’s coming from, moral judgment-wise.

So why should a financial institution get input on your medical decisions? Why should they care if you pursue one method of treatment — a natural, non-toxic herb — over harsh pharmaceuticals? Why are they acting as if a medical need for many of their customers — that is to say, doctor-recommended cannabis — is some sort of shameful vice?
Why are they treating seriously ill medical marijuana patients the same as a horned-up Bigg Juggs fan?

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​The Montana Department of Health and Human Services has stopped issuing new medical marijuana cards, a spokesman announced on Tuesday.

The agency is complying with a strict new medical marijuana law that requires the department to stop issuing the cards on May 14, according to spokesman Jon Ebelt, reports the Associated Press.
Ebelt had previously said the department would continue issuing the cards to patients because of confusion over the law.

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“Oh, my. This smells like that nice young man next door.”

​Police in the Netherlands are handing out about 30,000 marijuana-scented scratch and sniff cards to citizens in a laughable effort to uncover illegal urban cannabis gardens.

The cards are being distributed to help people recognize what cannabis smells like, according to authorities in Rotterdam and The Hague, reports BBC.
The cards also include a handy number to call to squeal on your pot-growing neighbors. 
Dutch police routinely look the other way as long as citizens don’t grow more than five marijuana plants for personal use.