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Miley Cyrus, in the shorts, and an unidentified female friend leave Therapeutic Health Care, a medical marijuana dispensary in Sherman Oaks, California

Pop tart and self-proclaimed “stoner” Miley Cyrus was photographed leaving a medical marijuana dispensary in Sherman Oaks, California, with a friend this week. Hey Miley, are you about ready to stick up for weed, yet?

Cyrus, 19, was looking casual but hot in denim cut-offs and a Pat Benatar t-shirt when got some paparazzi shots of her and a female friend exiting Therapeutic Health Care. Miley didn’t seem to be very worried about being spotted outside the dispensary; after all, medicinal cannabis is legal in California for anyone with a doctor’s authorization.
Therapeutic Health Care (THC, get it?) is listed on as selling ounces of OG Kush indica for $18 a gram, $50 an eighth, $90 a quarter, $140 a half, or $280 an ounce. Oddly, no other strains are listed.

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​It’s a breakthrough: The first statewide medical association has endorsed marijuana legalization. The California Medical Association (CMA) on Sunday officially recommended the legalization and regulation of cannabis. The decision was based on a white paper which concluded physicians should have access to better research, which is not possible under current policies.

The paper, available here [PDF], is a thoughtful study and response to an important issue. 
CMA said it is the largest physician group in California — and the first statewide medical group — to take this official position.

Photo: Cali Chronic X/Dagwood
Natalie Kenly, AKA “Natty Baby,” was the “Official 2010 Chronic Girl” for Cali Chronic X magazine.

​Charlie Sheen’s new girlfriend, 24-year-old Natalie Kenly, is a marijuana bikini model. Kenly is regularly featured in Cali Chronic X magazine and was even named “Chronic Girl 2010.”

Kenly, a graphic designer and former cheerleader also known as “Natty Baby,” was recently featured on the cover of the magazine posing with a bong, reports X17.
Sheen first showed off his new girlfriend on Monday while doing an educational video for “at-risk kids” for his pal Todd Zeile’s foundation, L.I.F.E.
Sheen, 45, was photographed smooching Kenly, who recently dyed her hair blonde.
According to Radar Online, Kenly, who was reared in the Sherman Oaks area of Los Angeles, was arrested in 2006 for underage drinking in Lake Havasu, Arizona.
Charlie began to pursue Natalie a few months ago after seeing her on the cover of Cali Chronic X‘s February 2010 issue, co-editor Jeffrey Peterson told TMZ.

Photo: Stella Pictures/Posh24
Rhys Ifans: “Everyone has a little smoke once in awhile, you know. It’s one of life’s little pleasures.”

​Actor Rhys Ifans, star of Notting Hill and the upcoming Mr Nice, has backed the legalization of cannabis in the U.K., calling it “one of life’s little pleasures.”

Ifans, who portrays his friend, drug smuggler Howard Marks, in Mr Nice, said he had smoked pot with Marks before, reports the London Evening Standard.
“In the past we have had a little smoke, the odd toke,” Ifans said in an interview with the Standard. “I didn’t inhale, though. Howard still has a smoke. Everyone has a little smoke once in awhile, you know. It’s one of life’s little pleasures.”
Ifans publicly defended his belief that marijuana should be decriminalized.
“You look at any culture and prohibition has invariably been an unmitigated failure,” Ifans said. “It is just idiotic to criminalize any substance, I think. It needs to be controlled, managed.”
“It is not going to go away,” Ifans said. “The War On Drugs is being lost on a daily basis.”