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Heide Fleiss in her most recent mugshot.

For the second time this year, former Hollywood madam Hedi Fliess has been busted for marijuana near her home in Pahrum, Nevada.
Nye County Sheriff’s deputies say they stopped Fleiss’ Toyata Land Cruiser about 3:30 Tuesday morning and found her to allegedly be under the influence “of a controlled substance”. That gave them probable cause to search her car, where they found a quarter pound of herb and about $10,000 in cash.
Boulder County District Attorney Stan Garnett is dismissing all pending marijuana possession cases under an ounce, as well as paraphernalia cases for those under 21

If you have an active marijuana possession case pending against you in Boulder, one of Colorado’s most liberal areas, it’s your lucky day.

District Attorney Stan Garnett said he will be dismissing all such cases in Boulder County due to the “overwhelming support” voters gave Amendment 64, which taxes and regulates cannabis similarly to alcohol, reports Mitchell Byars at the Boulder Daily Camera.

“You’ve seen an end to mere possession cases in Boulder County under my office,” Garnett said.

Photo: Miami New Times

​A Florida man named Glenn H. Stoner lived up to his name when Clearwater Police searched his home and found 19 marijuana plants.

Stoner, 56, has a roommate, but he told the cops he himself smoked all the pot he grew, reports Kyle Munzenreider at Miami New Times. Clearly, Mr. Stoner is a good roommate to have.
Stoner was arrested Tuesday after law enforcement officers found the plants, growing equipment, an irrigation system, and fertilizer in his bedroom, reports Rita Farlow at the St. Petersburg Times.
This is reportedly Stoner’s second cannabis arrest; he was busted in December 2006 for possession and manufacture. He was ordered into a pre-trial intervention program in 2007.

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Rapper Webbie, 25, faces marijuana charges after being stopped in Tennessee.

​Down South, they call it the “rap tax.” Rapper “Webbie,” 25, faces marijuana charges after authorities arrested him Monday in Marshall County, Tennessee.

Law enforcement pulled over a car with four people inside which was speeding on Interstate 65, according to the Department of Safety and Homeland Security. As the vehicle pulled over, an officer saw a passenger in the front seat throw what looked like marijuana out the window, reports WBIR.
Upon further investigation, cops found Webster Gradney (“Webbie”) in the front seat with a cardboard box containing $13,240 inside, and two ounces of marijuana.
They also found a loaded .357 revolver and $916 when they searched 22-year-old Michael Abbott. The driver, Derric Watson, 34, was driving with a suspended license. Tyrone Terrio, 34, was also in the car.
The four said they were on their way to Baton Rouge, Louisiana after Webbie’s performance in Louisville, Kentucky the day before, according to police.
All four men were taken to the Marshall County Jail. Webbie faces charges of possession “with intent to manufacture, sell or deliver” and tampering with evidence. His bond was set at $21,000.

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New Zealand cannabis protesters targeted Wellington Central police station on Thursday

​Wellington, New Zealand police will decide Friday whether to charge cannabis legalization activists who pushed a shopping cart full of burning marijuana into the central police station foyer.

Officers will study CCTV footage showing the shopping cart loaded with smoking weed being pushed into the central police station at the height of a legalization protest, reports 3 News.
The protest, part of the Armistice Tour, a nationwide push for cannabis law reform, began Thursday morning with more than 100 people gathering on Parliament’s front lawn to promote the benefits of marijuana over legal substances like alcohol and tobacco.
The protesters gathered outside the Wellington police station about 6 p.m., when the “smoke bomb” was pushed into the foyer, according to Julian Crawford, an activist and candidate with the Aotearoa Legalise Cannabis Party.

Photo: Jesse Tinsley/Spokesman-Review
Paul Ellis sold medical marijuana from this Spokane Valley strip mall until he was raided by the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office — days after giving them a tour of the place and of his home marijuana grow operation. In the window is reflected a Washington State Patrol office.

​Paul Ellis thought he wasn’t doing anything wrong when he opened a medical marijuana dispensary in Spokane, Washington last December. He located the operation, called Med Mar Dis, across the street from a Washington State Patrol office, and asked the sergeant who worked there if Ellis could use law enforcement labs to test his cannabis for contaminants.

But Spokane County Sheriff’s detectives didn’t see things that way, reports Nina Shapiro at our sister Village Voice Media blog, Seattle Weekly. The Spokane County Prosecutor’s office is considering filing drug charges against Ellis after detectives raided his dispensary and home on September 2, reports Meghann M. Cuniff at the Spokane Spokesman-Review.

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Former narcotics officer Barry Cooper got tired of the Drug War and switched teams. Now he advises marijuana users on how to avoid getting arrested.

​Former Texas narcotics officer Barry Cooper, who turned against the Drug War and pulled a reverse sting operation against the Odessa Police Department, will walk on all charges related to the incident, an attorney for Ector County announced Tuesday.

Cooper, well known for his Never Get Busted DVDs, set up a fake marijuana grow house in Odessa, wired it for sound and video, and then used an anonymous letter to lure police into a December 2008 raid, reports Stephen C. Webster at The Raw Story.

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Isaac Hilton, 29, will be spending at least 21 months in prison on marijuana and gun charges.

​Former NFL player Isaac HIlton has been sentenced to at least 21 months in prison on marijuana and gun charges in Pennsylvania, reports Michael David Smith at NBC Sports.

Police raided Hilton’s apartment in March 2009, where they said they found 70 bags of marijuana and a 12-gauge Mossburg shotgun.
Police claimed Hilton sold marijuana to a confidential informant from his apartment in January 2009. 
Hilton was prohibited from possessing a firearm because of an armed robbery conviction in South Carolina,according to police.
A seventh-round draft pick of the New York Giants in 2004, Hilton also played briefly for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Carolina Panthers. He also played for the Canadian Football League’s Toronto Argonauts.
Last year, he played in the Arena Football League, according to J.M. Gatskie at Football News Now.

Indoor marijuana grow in Minnesota. Thanks to Governor Tim Pawlenty’s veto, patients still have to break the law to use medical cannabis.

​With Minnesota’s legislative session set to begin this week, the author of last year’s medical marijuana bill said he doubts he will introduce another bill this year.

“For right now, it looks a little discouraging,” said State Senator Steve Murphy, who authored and introduced medical marijuana bills in both 2007 and 2009, reports Kyle Potter at
A medical marijuana bill actually passed the Minnesota Legislature last session, but was then vetoed by Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

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Medical marijuana patients win another battle in San Diego

​The manager of a San Diego medical marijuana dispensary was acquitted today of five charges of possessing and selling marijuana for profit.

Jovan Jackson, 31, was convicted, however, of possession of ecstasy and Xanax, according to SignOnSanDiego News Services.
Jackson, who was arrested after a pair of raids at Answerdam Alternative Care in Kearny Mesa last year, began to weep quietly as the verdicts were read in the courtroom of Judge Cynthia Bashant.
The verdicts ended a weeklong trial in San Diego Superior Court. According to SignOnSanDiego, the jury foreman said afterward that the lack of clarity in California’s medical marijuana law was a major reason for the acquittals.
Medical marijuana advocates said the verdicts were a rebuke to San Diego District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis and local law enforcement. Aggressive medical marijuana enforcement has been a priority for Dumanis’ office.