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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie isn’t sympathetic to severely sick children.

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie spent most of the day Monday with his wife Pat, and his good buddy, and fellow Jersey boy, Jon Bon Jovi at Borough Hall in Sayreville, N.J. They gathered in front of a hand-chosen crowd to celebrate a very generous one million dollar donation made by the rock-star to the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund, which is chaired by the Governor’s wife. So that explains why two out of the three were there, at least.
Meanwhile, it has been five days since we last reported on recently approved changes to the state’s medical marijuana laws that would help extremely sick kids get access to cannabis if needed. The Democrats who lead the state legislature pushed the bill to the Governor’s desk on June 25th, or two weeks ago, where it sits waiting for the Governor’s signature. But c’mon, its Bon frickin JOVI!