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Smokenhagen Coffeeshop/Facebook

Scandinavia may never be the same. Police in Copenhagen on Friday shut down Denmark’s first cannabis “coffeeshop” cafe. At Smokenhagen, customers could buy marijuana over the counter, get a receipt, and smoke it openly right there in the cafe.
During the raid, the police confiscated all the cannabis, but the shop is expected to reopen again soon, reports Danish website
Smokenhagen Coffeeshop openly sells cannabis following the Dutch model.

Photo: ZieZoZuid
Coffee shop owner Said Faggouss was kidnapped by masked gunmen from his business on Dec. 8.

‚ÄčA Dutch man who was kidnapped from his cannabis-dispensing coffee shop in Amsterdam last December, escaped from his captors in Belgium on Tuesday, according to Dutch police.

“Despite the cuffs around his ankles, he managed to escape and alert the police at a petrol station,” Amsterdam police said in a statement, according to IOL.
Said Faggouss had been held since December against his will at a building in Maasmechelen in northeast Belgium.