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“I now question whether Washington state’s initiative needed to be as restrictive as it is.”

~ Norm Stamper, former police chief of Seattle
Norm Stamper — the former police chief of Seattle and current member of legalization group Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) who was one of the biggest supporters of I-502 in Washington state — now says that the measure is probably too restrictive.

While it’s a real shame that Norm couldn’t have taken a closer look at the restrictive and downright scary portions of I-502 before giving countless interviews and writing dozens of letters to the editor in support of the measure, the former cop’s about-face does highlight the glaring flaws in Washington’s “legalization” law, and serves to temper the euphoria which has gripped many in the Evergreen State’s cannabis community.
Just a month after the election, Stamper told the Seattle Weekly‘s Nina Shapiro, “I now question whether Washington state’s initiative needed to be as restrictive as it is.”

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Former NYPD Detective Testifies That Police Regularly Plant Drugs On Innocent People To Meet Arrest Quotas

A former NYPD narcotics detective testified on Wednesday that he regularly saw police plant drugs on innocent people as a way to meet arrest quotas. Stephen Anderson is testifying under cooperation with prosecutors after he was busted for planting cocaine on four men in a bar in Queens.
“It was something I was seeing a lot of, whether it was from supervisors or undercovers and even investigators,” Anderson said.
Anderson worked in the Queens and Brooklyn South narcotics squads and was called to the stand at Detective Jason Arbeeny’s bench trial to show that illegal conduct such as planting drugs on innocent people wasn’t limited to a single squad, reports John Marzuli at Rude Bwoy Blog.

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​Talk about restoring your faith in humanity! One town in Montana has finally gotten it right when it comes to the proper relationship between medical marijuana and the cops.

The Billings, Montana Police Department says it has become a medical marijuana delivery service for pot growers in Montana, because shipping companies like FedEx and UPS refuse to handle the packages due to federal laws that could leave them open to criminal prosecution, reports KECI Missoula.

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​Going against its own policy, a police department in California has returned several containers of marijuana to a 21-year-old man who said he was falsely accused of possession, transportation and sales.

The man, who lives in Mountain Ranch, California, asked that his full name not be used, opting to be referred to only as “Frank,” reports Joel Metzger of the Calaveras Enterprise. He was pulled over by Officer Jim McKeon of the Angels Camp Police Department on Nov. 22 in a parking lot for expired registration on his vehicle, according to the police report.
Officer Chris Johnson arrived on the scene, said he smelled the odor of raw marijuana, and claimed he saw some marijuana in plain sight in the car, according to Angels Camp Police Chief Dale Mendenhall.