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As summer break winds to an end, and another school year begins, many unsuspecting 5th graders and junior high students across the country will get their first introduction to drugs. No, it won’t be on the playground or the back of the bus, but as a part of their classroom curriculum, as the Drug Abuse Resistance Education program (DARE) kicks off its 31st year in existence.
Over three decades of War on Drugs propaganda comes at a cost, however. “Just Say No” coloring books and foil badge stickers ain’t free you know! With schools in disrepair, teachers being laid off, and art, music, and extra-curricular activities being defunded, many schools are deciding that their books may be more easily balanced without DARE in the budget.

Could DARE finally have come to its senses regarding marijuana?

Has the national DARE organization — Drug Abuse Resistance Education — removed the discussion of marijuana from its curriculum? It appears the answer is yes, reports Kevin Shaub at KNDU.

Nearly 100 students who graduated from the Sunset View Elementary DARE program in Kennewick, Washington, will be the last group to be taught the potential dangers of marijuana, said the Kennewick Police Department’s DARE officer, Mike Meyer.
“The new curriculum starts as of December for us here in Kennewick,” Meyer said. “It does not bring up the subject of marijuana at all.”

Dare to Keep Kids off D.A.R.E.
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You might not be aware of the program, Drug Abuse Resistance Education, but you would likely recognize its acronym, D.A.R.E. It’s a program that was established in 1983 aimed at educating children k-12 about the dangers of drug use and abuse.

It’s still around today and so is data about its ineffectiveness as a deterrent. If you thought D.A.R.E. was a great program, think again.

Pikeville KY

The DARE Dildo Debacle: Crime Commission President Calls For ‘A Hard Look’ At Backpack Full of Dongs

A Louisiana DARE unit that was pulled over in New Orleans last March carried not only marijuana, but sex toys and performance enhancing pills.

The Drug Abuse Resistance Education sport utility vehicle was at the center of a controversy earlier this year after it was pulled over and New Orleans police discovered marijuana and drug paraphernalia inside on March 8, reports WDSU.
underageAlaska Carter

Programs like D.A.R.E. and the Just Say No campaign might not have kept the nation’s youth from smoking pot, but it’s possible that legalization could.

According to two recent studies, states that have legalized the recreational use of marijuana are seeing a decrease in illegal use by young people. Officials in both Colorado and Washington have reported a decrease in the use of marijuana by underage consumers, and credit increased education about the real effects of the drug, cutting back on the black market, and tight restrictions to enter a regulated dispensary.

furious_leizure_vape_lifeCourtesy of Damian Major

Are you a health-conscious stoner who has adopted that vape lifestyle? Sick of people lighting up the old fashioned way? Well, boy, do we have the music video for you!

Miami indie-pop/hip-hop band Furious Leisure’s mini-film for their vape anthem “Vape Life” imagines the duo riding around town arresting anyone who dares light up a joint. Instead of a jail time, the offender gets an education in the benefits of vaping.

“Smoking is not good for you. The science is in. It’s one thing to smoke once a week, once a month, but the majority of people smoke many times, and this is just not good for you,” says member Bodizepha.

Check out the video here.

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The soldiers of the drug war have crossed the threshold from brainwashed law enforcement tactics into a despicable realm of cold-blooded murder that not even the deranged attitudes of the Old West would dare support. The latest evidence surrounding a case involving a fruitless drug raid speculates that when the Laurens County Sherriff’s Department showed up to the residence of 59-year-old David Hooks earlier this year, their primary objective was to assassinate the man, not to serve a search warrant.

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In perhaps one of the most blatantly obvious and useless pieces of research to ever emerge on the marijuana culture, pseudo-scientists from the Boston Children’s Hospital claim that the youth of America is using recreational marijuana to put them in a better mood after suffering the heinous wrath of a bad day. In other words, these hoodlums are smoking weed to forget about the dreaded events of the day rather than going on a violent rampage against everyone who even looked at them wrong.
How dare they!

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