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It’s for her sick child.

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New Mexico mom Nicole Nuñez is suing the state over “arbitrary” supply limits. Nuñez’s eight month old daughter has a seizure disorder. A Michigan judge ruled that seedlings count as plants.

The four Colorado doctors suspended for overprescribing large plant counts will have to go through administrative hearings to try and get their licenses reinstated.  A judge tossed out a lawsuit they filed.

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Eleven dispensaries opened their to recreational marijuana users age 21 and older in Colorado in recent weeks — ten in August, plus one that we missed in our July roundup. The total includes four in Denver, three in Boulder and one each in four different municipalities around the state. Here’s our the latest batch:

While cities across California continue to put bans in place on medical cannabis businesses and even home cultivation, Desert Hot Springs is taking a different approach: tolerance.
Leaders in the small town north of Palm Springs – currently the only other city in the county that allows for medical marijuana shops – unanimously approved allowing medical pot shops in the city this week, agreeing that allowing the industry would help both medical patients as well as city coffers.

Incredibles white chocolate/Pop Rocks bar from Colorado.

Michigan’medical marijuana laws are pretty screwy. Namely: edible forms of marijuana aren’t covered under the laws. Patients have to smoke it or vaporize it. At least, that’s the ruling from the state Supreme Court who clearly had no freaking idea what they were dealing with.
All of that seems like it’s about to change based on the overwhelming approval of a Michigan state House bill re-legalizing edible forms of medical cannabis.

In a move chided by most medical marijuana patients and just about every medical marijuana collective owner in the state, the Washington state House last night approved a bill that would eliminate medical pot shops as they currently exist and force patients into a heavily-taxed recreational system.
House Bill 2149 passed by a vote of 67 to 29 last night, has been billed as a way to help keep federal agents out of Washington as well as a way to help funnel more tax revenue through the recreational system. The measure also decreases the total amount of plants patients can grow at home from 15 down to six and drops possession limits from 24 ounces to three.

Arizona counties must allow state-legal medical marijuana dispensaries and cannot zone the shops out of existence, a judge ruled yesterday.
The ruling comes after Maricopa County essentially banned dispensaries on the grounds that they were federally illegal. Judge Michael Gordon called the law changes “a transparent attempt to prevent implementation of the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act”.

In an attempt to add clarity to California’s oft misconstrued medical marijuana laws, the state Senate voted 22-12 yesterday in favor of Senate Bill 439, which aims to provide protection for dispensary owners in exchange for much more strict regulation.
The new legislation cuts through any previous confusion on compensation, making it clear that dispensaries cannot operate at a profit. Owners of dispensaries would be allowed to receive reasonable compensation and reimbursement of certain expenses, and would also be able to offer pay and benefits to their employees.

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Eleven Seattle-area medical marijuana shops were told to shut down by the Drug Enforcement Administration for being within 1,000 feet of schools. The letters take a similar tactic to one federal agents used in 2011 and 2012 in Washington and other states.
“The DEA enforces federal drug laws and these letters have nothing to do with any pending legislation or state law,” a DEA spokeswoman told the Seattle Times .

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San Diego Mayor Bob Filner: “Stop targeted enforcement against marijuana dispensaries in the City of San Diego immediately”

San Diego Mayor Bob Filner announced end to code enforcement attacks by the city, agreed to develop regulatory ordinance
Advocates applauded the recent actions of San Diego Mayor Bob Filner in trying to put an end to the years-long crackdown on access to medical marijuana in the city.
Two days after announcing at a local chapter meeting of Americans for Safe Access (ASA) — the country’s largest medical marijuana grassroots advocacy group — that he was going to direct city authorities to stop shutting down dispensaries, Mayor Filner delivered on that promise by sending letters yesterday to San Diego Police Chief William Lansdowne and Neighborhood Code Compliance Director Kelly Broughton.

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Hearing at 10 a.m. Thursday may decide whether Oakland’s challenge to federal authority can proceed
The Obama Administration will be going toe-to-toe in federal court Thursday at 10 a.m. with the City of Oakland and California’s largest medical marijuana dispensary, Harborside Health Center.
U.S. Attorney Melinda Haag filed forfeiture proceedings in July against Harborside’s landlords to force the dispensary to close its two locations in Oakland and San Jose. Then, in October, the City of Oakland filed its own legal action against Haag and her boss, U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.
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