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it’s another security concern dispensaries face.

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Ryan Kunkel, owner of Seattle dispensary Have A Heart alleges that a recent robbery was an inside job.

Mexican police executed more than 42 suspected gang members on a ranch last year.

The Justice Department said it would stop using private prisons on grounds that they’re more dangerous and less well run than public prisons. The move does not apply to most prisoners in the country, who are incarcerated under state laws.

SONshine Organics/Washington Farmer’s Market’s Sarena Haskins with Toke of the Town editor Steve Elliott at the Farmer’s Market’s Hoodsport edition

We at Toke of the Town certainly couldn’t think of anyplace more appropriate to visit than the Mile High City — and Denver, here we come, for the Medicated Chef Contest in February. It’s for sure that authoring a Seattle Weekly “Voracious” food blog column, “Incredible Medibles,” has certainly nourished our keen interest in and enjoyment of cannabis-infused cooking.

Now, No Excuses Entertainment, LLC, parent company of iBAKE TV, along with M2j Media Group and a host of sponsors, has announced that Steve Elliott writer/editor of Toke of the Town (that’d be me, stoner) and Sarena Haskins, owner of SONshine Organics ( which hosts their Washington Farmers Market, have confirmed that they will be guest judging at the 2013 Medicated Chef Finale in Denver, CO at The Oriental Theater Saturday February 16, 2013.

Ganja Gourmet

By Bob Starrett
This is scary. “Wrapped in ‘Tootsie Roll’ style wrappers, these powerful chewables consist of the most active ingredient in marijuana — THC — and their taffystyle packaging is conspicuously attractive to kids.”
That’s Heidi Heilman, guest columnist, writing in the Milford Daily News this week. Ms. Heilman is speaking of a January incident in which a car of teenagers was pulled over for speeding. The Cheeba Chews were found inside.
Powerful chewables with THC. From California and Colorado, no less, and under “the guise of medicine.” I think that the packaging is rather conservative. But who knows what those out-of- staters are cooking up for Massachusetts? This is probably the first wave of the assault, apparently by “deep pocket outsiders to target Massachusetts to become the next ‘medical’ marijuana haven.”

I get it about invading Massachusetts, maybe they should be left alone. Several invasions are already underway or coming up including Gamers, the Undead and Asian Longhorn Beetles.

Photo: Steve Elliott
Dream Cream founder Jim Chaney, left, and BOTH Collective expert budtender Valerie restock the cooler in Capitol Hill, Seattle.

​A joint or bowl with a cup of coffee is a daily ritual for many of us. And now, with Seattle being well-known for the quality of both its coffee and cannabis, it’s no surprise that a local entrepreneur has found a delicious and effective way to combine both.

Dream Cream, a medicated iced mocha latte made in pot-friendly Seattle neighborhood Capitol Hill and available in local medical marijuana dispensaries, goes down smooth and leaves a long-lasting medicated glow.

The cannabis-infused beverage comes in both sativa and indica varieties. Sativa is medicated with “White Lady,” an exclusive White Widow hybrid that, according to Dream Cream, “yields excellent ratios of the most uplifting and analgesic cannabinoids,” while the Indica version is infused with “High Planes Drifter,” an exotic Skunk hybrid the company says “promises an enriching experience with sedative inclinations.”