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New Hampshire state house.

The New Hampshire House and Senate both approved medical marijuana bills this past session, but the differences between the two proposals were big enough that the two legislative bodies were forced to hammer out their differences in a joint committee.
And from the latest reports, it seems they’ve reached a compromise.

​The New Hampshire House has passed a bill — by the narrowest possible margin, 162-161 — to decriminalize possession of up to a half ounce of marijuana.

Republican Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien abstained from voting, allowing the bill to get through by one vote, reports Kevin Landrigan at the Nashua Telegraph. The bill, HB 1526, cleared the House after O’Brien announced he was letting the measure pass by not voting.
Under current New Hampshire law, anyone possessing a half ounce of marijuana can face up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $2,500. This bill would make such possession a civil violation on the first offense, with a fine of up to $250, and a fine of $500 the second time it occurred.

Photo: Daily Mail
British MS patients have waited 11 years for Sativex, a cannabis-based oral spray. Now many of them still won’t get it.

​Doctors in southern England have been told not to prescribe a new cannabis-based drug developed for multiple sclerosis patients, reports the BBC.

Sativex, an oral spray which had taken 11 years to develop, was licensed for medical use in the United Kingdom last week.
But unaccountably, 10 primary care trusts have told physicians not to give the treatment, which is designed to reduce pain, claiming it is not effective.
The MS Society charity called the decision “arbitrary and disappointing” and said it would fight against it. It said the decision could affect hundreds of patients.

Photo: Dmcroof
These folks must not be growing pot. Or maybe they just have good insulation.

​If the snow on your roof melts a little faster than that on your neighbors’, you may be getting a visit from the police — at least if you live in Leicestershire, U.K.

Prematurely melting snow can be a clue that the house is being used as a “cannabis factory,” police say, according to the BBC, which in a stoop to yellow journalism called the grow houses “drug dens.”
Officers in Leicestershire are asking residents to turn in their neighbors if their roof-top snow melts too fast. They said marijuana grows were equipped with high-intensity lighting, which generates lots of heat.