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It follows an infamous raid..

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Santa Ana, Calif. paid $100,000 to a the dispensary raided by police in 2015, and agreed to drop misdemeanor charges against employees, in exchange for them agreeing not to sue. Three officers face charges after surveillance footage recorded them mocking an amputee and playing darts during the raid. They argued that they shouldn’t be charged since they believed they had disabled all of the dispensary’s video cameras.

Photo: International Cannagraphic
Feral hemp grows on an Indiana roadside. The Indiana State Police spent untold millions of federal dollars, and thousands of man-hours, pulling up 20 million stalks of this ditch weed last year. Trouble is, feral hemp contains no THC.

​Sgt. Lou Perras and a team of state troopers from the Indiana State Police launched a bizarre annual ritual in May: their patently impossible, insanely expensive, and laughably absurd effort to “eradicate marijuana” in the state.

Perras said part of the war on pot includes combating the public’s lighthearted attitude about the friendly weed.
“People have this attitude — ‘It’s just marijuana,'” Perras said. “That’s a sad misrepresentation of the drug,” the earnest lawman intoned soberly.
Perras seems to irrationally believe his team’s doomed efforts will somehow counteract the romanticism marijuana enjoys. The growing public acceptance of marijuana use — and its legality for medicinal usage in 14 states and counting — is making Perras’s job tougher this growing season, the drug warrior whined.