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Photo: America’s Voice
Take a gander at this Howdy Doody-looking asswig (Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas). It only takes one moron to hold up the progress of an entire nation of 300 million people, when it comes to ending marijuana prohibition. (If this clown truly represents the 21st District of Texas, I feel sorry for y’all.)

‚ÄčWhat’s that? You’re excited about the Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act, are you? You’re invigorated by the idea of saving millions of taxpayer dollars, and finally putting law enforcement priorities where they belong?

Maybe you’re pumped about the possibility the these United States could finally end the 74-year-old nightmare of cannabis prohibition, and stop putting people in cages for growing and using a demonstrably harmless plant?
Well, simmer down, weed lover. It seems that the opinion of one good-old-boy Congressman from Texas outweighs yours.
Rep. Lamar Smith (R-Texas), also known for his anti-immigrant policies, has said his House Judiciary panel will not consider the Barney Frank/Ron Paul bill. Period.