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Photo: Trailer Park Boys
The Trailer Park Boys, from left, Ricky, Bubbles and Julian, have big plans, but little brains. Oh, and now they have big bank accounts.

‚ÄčThey’re unlikely heroes, perhaps, but the foul-mouthed, pot-smoking Trailer Park Boys raked in the most money of any English-Canadian film last year with their second full-length feature film, The Trailer Park Boys: Countdown To Liquor Day.

The comedy grossed $2.9 million in 2009, according to Telefilm, and also earned the film’s director and writers Telefilm’s first Golden Box Office Award, reports The Globe and Mail.
A $40,000 cash prize will be split between director and co-writer Mike Clattenburg and co-writers Timm Hannebohm, John Paul Tremblay (who plays Julian), Robb Wells (Ricky), and Mike Smith (Bubbles).