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Graphic: Choco-Potamus
The more you eat, the hungrier you get.

‚ÄčSince you know the marijuana’s gonna give you the munchies anyway, why not multi-task and take a pre-emptive strike against hunger even as you medicate?

That choice is yours thanks to companies like Oakland, California’s Choco-Potamus, turning heads and pleasing palates with their luxury cannabis chocolates, reports the “SFoodie” blog at SF Weekly.
The use of real cocoa butter — not cheap substitutes like coconut oil — makes big difference in the final product, according to SFoodie, giving it a taste that ranks it “high” (yes, I went there) above the competition.
Available in both dark (sativa hybrid) and milk chocolate (indica/sativa hybrid), the bars are also connoisseur-worthy in another respect: The manufacturers use cannabis buds rather than the typical shake and stems used in edibles, giving the chocolates a stronger effect.
“The world’s finest chocolate and the highest grade cannabis buds, combined in one deliciously potent bar,” reads the Choco-Potamus Facebook page. “Each fast-acting psychedelicious dose lasts +3 super-functional hours.”