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Apple kept her eyes closed and a serious expression on her face for her mug shot

Pop singer Fiona Apple was arrested at a Texas border stop on Wednesday for hashish possession, according to multiple media sources. Agents arrested Apple in Sierra Blanca, Texas, after they claimed they found hash and marijuana during a search of her tour bus.

Apple, a marijuana advocate, was aboard her tour bus when the Border Patrol inspected the vehicle with a drug-sniffing dog, reports TMZ. The mutt found the hash and pot, and Apple was thrown in Hudspeth County Jail, report Rebecca Macatee and Sharareh Drury at E Online.
The 35-year-old pop star kept her eyes closed and a serious expression on her face for her mug shot. She is seen wearing a black-and-white jail jumpsuit, according to Rusy Fleming, a spokesman for the Hudspeth County Sheriff’s office.

Graphic: Homegrown Goodness

‚ÄčBack when I first started noticing such things in 1977, Bill Drake’s International Cultivator’s Handbook was already a classic. Published in 1974, the book was one of the very first to market that went into detail on how to grow not only marijuana, but also coca and opium.

The volume, which became quite hard to find after it went out of print in the early 1980s for a few years, is now available again in a new large paperbound edition from the author.
Author William Daniel Drake Jr. is a writer, teacher and social inventor living and working on a biodynamic vegetable and flower farm located on Johnson Creek in the Texas hill country. Bill is a former professor of international management at the University of Texas at Dallas.
His counterculture books have sold more than three million copies in six languages worldwide since his first book, the Cultivator’s Handbook of Marijuana, in 1969.