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Hundreds of cases may not go forward.

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An emerging evidence-tampering scandal in Boston-suburb Braintree has jeopardized hundreds of drug prosecutions. Former inmates explain drug dealing in prison to The Daily Beast.

Some states are reducing the size of drug-free school zones, a policy that’s under new scrutiny. The State University of New York, one of the country’s largest systems, will stop asking applicants if they have a felony conviction.

It received the British equivalent of bipartisan support. 

Here’s your daily round-up of pot-news, excerpted from the newsletter WeedWeek. Download WeedWeek’s free 2016 election guide here.

In the U.K., a group representing MPs and Peers from concluded that banning MED is “ irrational.” It is being touted as a major step towards legalization.

Cannabis is an issue in Berlin’s upcoming election.

Vermont’s legislature is revisiting REC after failing to pass it last year. Arkansas Gov. and former DEA chief Asa Hutchinson (R) criticized supporters of the state’s upcoming MED votes for misleading the public about the plant’s medical benefits.

CBD-rich oil from Colorado’s Kind Love dispensary.

A bill legalizing just CBD and only for seizure disorders was unanimously sent to the Georgia state House this week, advancing what would arguably be the country’s most restrictive medical cannabis laws to date.
The bill, sponsored by Georgia Republican state Rep. Allen Peake, is aimed at helping the families of children suffering from rare disorders. Peake says he wrote the bill after meeting several sick Georgia children.

Ganja Gourmet

By Bob Starrett
This is scary. “Wrapped in ‘Tootsie Roll’ style wrappers, these powerful chewables consist of the most active ingredient in marijuana — THC — and their taffystyle packaging is conspicuously attractive to kids.”
That’s Heidi Heilman, guest columnist, writing in the Milford Daily News this week. Ms. Heilman is speaking of a January incident in which a car of teenagers was pulled over for speeding. The Cheeba Chews were found inside.
Powerful chewables with THC. From California and Colorado, no less, and under “the guise of medicine.” I think that the packaging is rather conservative. But who knows what those out-of- staters are cooking up for Massachusetts? This is probably the first wave of the assault, apparently by “deep pocket outsiders to target Massachusetts to become the next ‘medical’ marijuana haven.”

I get it about invading Massachusetts, maybe they should be left alone. Several invasions are already underway or coming up including Gamers, the Undead and Asian Longhorn Beetles.

Graphic: Hemp Beach TV
HB 291 would create a panel which will make recommendations to the Maryland Legislature on how to safely and effectively implement a well-regulated medical marijuana program

Panel of Experts to Advise Legislature on State Medical Marijuana Policy

​By an overwhelming vote of 105-29, the Maryland House of Delegates on Monday passed HB 291, a bill that would create an 18-member panel to advise the Legislature on the best way to create a medical marijuana program in 2012.

HB 291 was amended from an earlier version of the bill, which would have set up a comprehensive medical marijuana program, protecting state-registered patients from arrest and allowing state-regulated dispensaries to provide patients with medicinal cannabis.
The bill, sponsored by the only physician in the General Assembly, Del. Dan Morhaim, was amended after Health Secretary Josh Sharfstein advocated a “yellow light” approach to medical marijuana.