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Joe Mabel
Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes speaking at the 2012 Seattle Hemp Festival.

Legal sales of limited amounts of cannabis to adults 21 and up began in Washington state yesterday, with long lines an high prices the theme of the day ($160 quarters?!).
But those issues aside, it was also a monumental day as the state became the second in the nation with open, recreational pot shops. It was one that Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes personally wanted to celebrate, so he stood in line and bought some pot.

Last month, the Connecticut state Department of Consumer Protection granted the first four licenses for marijuana producers, and they plan to award up to five additional licenses for marijuana sellers by the end of next month. With cannabis already decriminalized in the state, and a heavy liberal bias in the region politically, one may wonder what is taking medical marijuana so long.

Neeta Lind/Flickr

The grow facilities will be considered “pharmaceutical manufacturers” by the state, with all medication produced being put through a mandatory testing process before it gets to the dispensaries. Once on the shelves, sellers will be subject to incredibly strict regulations aimed directly at preventing diversion of medical marijuana to the black market in the state.
Still, with some of the nation’s most strict regulations in place, the usual suspects are screaming from the rooftops that allowing any medical marijuana in Connecticut is going to pose a huge risk for…wait for it…”the kids”.

Sharon Letts
Anyone who has ever used a vaporizer has tasted the sweet green of good bud

Cannabis, Terpenes, and the Limbic System
By Sharon Letts
The first green I smoked was probably rag weed – 70s shake rolled into a pinner, and handed to me in the bathroom of a 76 gas station in Redondo Beach. It was probably around 7:30 in the morning and I was 16 and on my way to high school.
I don’t make this stuff up.
More than 30 years have passed, but if someone hands me some cheap weed, with one whiff I can see my three friends jammed into that small space. I can smell the motor oil, see the smudges on the walls, and nearly hear the traffic outside.
I can also remember how uplifted I felt, opening that bathroom door and feeling the crisp, cool air on my face. The world was crisp and new through canna-eyes and it felt right. I didn’t know it at the time, but cannabis would become my medicine for life, hands down.

Irvin Rosenfeld
Irv Rosenfeld, a 58-year-old stockbroker from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, doesn’t look like a record-setting pothead. But he’s smoked more than 120,000 U.S. government joints since 1982.

​On November 20, 1982, the United States federal government sent a Florida citizen 300 cannabis cigarettes in a shiny tin can. 
The U.S. government, known the world over as a champion of preying on the sick with a weapon they call the “War On Drugs,” continues to send that same man the same ration of joints 29 years later.
This delivery of medicine is part of a “Compassionate Investigative New Drug” Program that exists to study “new drugs”, in this case, marijuana.
Over that 29-year period the government has performed no such study.
Irvin Rosenfeld of Florida will begin his 30th year of smoking cannabis cigarettes on November 20, 2011 — and he feels great.

Wiki Noticia

​New research suggests that deficits in endocannabinoids — the body’s own substances like those found in marijuana — may contribute to anorexia nervosa and bulimia.

Endocannabinoids are made by the brain, and they affect brain function and chemistry in ways that resemble the effects of cannabis. Marijuana, when used both medicinally and recreationally, is well known to influence appetite, i.e., causing hunger or the “munchies.”
Therefore, deficits in the endocannabinoid system would logically be associated with reduced appetite, reports Rick Nauert, Ph.D., at PsychCentral.
In the new study, reported in Biological Psychiatry, scientists measured the status of the endocannabinoid system indirectly by finding whether there was an increase or decrease in the density of endocannabinoid receptors called the CB1 receptor.


​If you’ve smoked very much marijuana and had very much sex, you know they’re both lots of fun, and you know they go together spectacularly well. There’s nothing quite like combining the relaxed sensual enhancement of cannabis and some quality time with a smokin’ partner.

Now there’s a book to help you explore the happy confluence of carnality and cannabis. Sex Pot: The Marijuana Lover’s Guide to Gettin’ It On, by cannabis advice columnist Mamakind, can verbally inspire your imagination the way a joint of Afgoo does conceptually.
Mamakind shows the kind of good-humored, laugh-out-loud funny, accepting approach that is just what the love doctor ordered, and her slightly stoned style would be great fun to read even if it weren’t about my two favorite subjects, hemp and humpin’.

Photo: Double Dribble
Wilson Chandler of the New York Knicks wishes the NYPD didn’t waste so much time busting people for pot.

​New York Knicks forward Wilson Chandler was busted on a marijuana possession charge after police pulled his vehicle over Tuesday night in Queens, police said.

Chandler, who turned 23 last week, was carrying what was described as a “small amount” of marijuana when cops pulled over the 2010 Mercedes-Benz in which was was riding at 11:30 p.m., according to police, reports Larry Celona at the New York Post.
The fuzz said decided to search Chandler after they claimed to smell pot coming from the vehicle.
Chandler was issued a desk appearance ticket for the misdemeanor offense, meaning he must appear in county court for arraignment at a later date.
Chandler, who missed the final month of the season because of a strained groin, was drafted by the Knicks in 2007. He is scheduled to undergo a sports hernia surgery and will need six to eight weeks to recover.